5 Cool and Unique Baby Shower Gifts


Sometimes it seems like the gifts at a baby shower are all the same. While new parents don’t need a lot of extraneous things, practical but also cute or amusing are usually prized. Ecologically-friendly gifts let you share your respect for the earth, and provide the safest beginning to life for the new little one.

1. Diaper cakes are a great gift for the environmentally aware. These gifts contain organic cotton disposable diapers, organic baby soap and a stuffed friend. Even if the parents-to-be plan to use cloth, having some safe disposables on hand for emergencies is a great idea.

2. For the mother who is planning to breastfeed, Nipple Butter is a practical but amusing gift. New mothers often experience chapping and soreness, and Nipple Butter can help avoid these problems. Made of olive oil and cocoa seed butter, it is completely safe for mom and baby.

3. The Adiri Natural Nurser is designed with baby’s comfort and health in mind. It is shaped so that babies don’t get ‘nipple confusion’, which can result when conventional bottles and breastfeeding are simultaneously attempted. It is also BPA free, so the little one doesn’t get a dose of plastic additives.

4. Wrap your gift, whatever it is, in a baby blanket and tie it shut with a great scarf for mom. This adds an additional gift to your offering, and does not use wasteful wrapping paper or tape. If you prefer, a cloth gift bag that can be reused is also a thoughtful option.

5. New parents don’t always need more clothes or rattles. Sometimes, they would much rather have assistance in starting their new life. For people in a position to do so, offering homemade ‘gift certificates’ for babysitting, free meals, house cleaning, or any other chores can be very welcome.

If in doubt, cute baby clothes are still an adorable and useful option. Just make sure they aren’t so cute that mom and dad won’t be able to bear seeing them get thrown up on! Toys are a classic for a reason as well, and many a child has grown up hanging onto a toy they got before they were born.