Winter Craft Ideas for Children

Crafts winter kids

There are many winter craft ideas for children that are also eco-Friendly. They can do projects that will help feed the wildlife during the winter months or repurpose items that could have otherwise ended up in the trash. Two of the best craft ideas and the instructions listed below. They are sure to keep the kids happy and occupied on those blustery winter nights.

The first craft project it to make simple bird feeders. There are great on several levels. They teach the kids how to use things from nature and they will get to see the birds enjoy their hard work. To get started they will need to pick out a few good sized pinecones from outside. If there are none, this can be done using a bundle of twigs tied together.

Next, they will need some recycled or natural twine. Have them tie it to one end of the pinecone to be able to hang it outside. Then, they will spread natural peanut butter all over the cone and roll it in bird seeds. Last, help them hang it in a tree near a winder so they can see the birds eating.

Another great eco-friendly winter craft project is to grow an herb garden inside. This will require the use of empty cans that have been cleaned and dried. The type of cans that works best are the kinds that once held food products such as peas or corn. Other supplies include: paper, tape, stickers, ribbon, and any other decorative embellishments, plus organic soil and herb seeds.

Help the kids cover the cans with colored construction paper and tape into place. Then, let them decorate the covered cans and fill with the soil. Last, have them make a hole in the soil, drop in the seeds and cover with more soil. Place them in a sunny window and water as needed. The kids will enjoy waiting for the first sprout to pop up.