Spring Craft Ideas For Kids

Spring Craft Ideas For Kids

One great way to get kids excited about the upcoming milder spring months is with fun springtime crafts. Arts and crafts for kids don’t have to be expensive, and they can be a fun way to recycle items that would otherwise be thrown away.

Decorating eggs is a traditional and fun spring craft idea for kids. There are many egg decorating kits available on the market, but these kits are unnecessary. Normal food dye is an inexpensive and effective way to dye eggs. Children also may enjoy carefully painting eggs, or drawing on them with markers or crayons.

Hold on to your empty egg cartons, as they make great craft supplies when creating spring crafts with kids. With Easter approaching, an egg carton is a great way to store and display your hand-painted and dyed Easter eggs, and green paper can be cut into thin strips to create grass to hide the eggs with. Egg cartons can also be made into cars or buses, or can be used to create a special “Easter countdown.”

Instead of throwing away or recycling old magazines and newspapers, save them for your spring crafts. Hold onto old papers, especially sales papers or old school bulletins in bright colors. These magazines and papers can be cut into strips and braided to create an adorable paper basket.

Paper plates can be colored and decorated to look like lady bugs and plastic or paper cups can be cut into “petals” and glued together to create flowers. If you save any potential craft materials in a big box, break everything out on crafts day. Have crayons, markers, tape, glue, glitter and other inexpensive craft supplies on hand. You and your kids are sure to figure out many spring craft ideas that are fun and creative, all using inexpensive and recycled materials!