Rediscovering Autumn With Your Children

autumn leaf mask

This season is well known for it’s beautiful colors and mild weather. There are so many inspirational and low cost projects that you can do with your children. The project I’m going to share with you now is environmentally friendly and great for decorating your home to welcome the season.

How many times have one of your children brought you a piece of paper with scribbles on it and presented it as the next big work of art? I’d like to share a different idea that is tried and true and will be fun for the whole family.

For a timeless, classy idea to decorate your home, consider twig art. You can go to your local art supply store and pick up white, non-toxic paint. Even fall colors like, orange, red, brown, and yellow would be wonderful. Then, go on an adventure with the children. Show them an example of a thin stick with only a few nobs on it. They should have no branches. Then, set the kids on a hunting trip to find as many as they can. When you’ve got plenty collected, bring them home and dust them off, removing any debris. Lay the sticks and twigs flat on some newspaper. Hand a paintbrush to each child and allow them to pick a color. As each stick is painted, they should be set aside on the newspaper to dry.

After the twigs are dry they can be used for a variety of things. You can fill decorative vases and place them around your home. Twine can be utilized to tie the twigs into a frame. Use these frames for some of their favorite pieces of art that they’ve done and hang it in their room. The possibilities for this endeavor, are endless. This project makes hours of fun and years of appreciation. Aside from that, you’ll have spent quality time with the children and have plenty of conversation pieces around your home.