Painting Easter Eggs with Children


Some of the best memories a parent and their children can have, are of the times when the eggs are being hard boiled and the Easter egg dye kit is brought out, for that annual Easter Egg coloring session. Kids can invite friends over to participate in a very creative pastime, just before an even more satisfying Easter Sunday ritual of finding that Easter basket stuffed with goodies and the results of the Easter Egg coloring efforts.

Some of the most original ideas can be developed in these Spring time coloring sessions with hard boiled eggs. For sure, it is not necessary to use dyes when the coloring set is available. Crayons can be used to make faces on eggs as well as color sections of the egg, to the heart’s content of many pre schoolers. The older children can warm the water and dissolve the dye tablets for coloring in a variety of bowls. Techniques for dipping eggs in multiple colors can be attempted. With kids together, a contest will soon ensue to see who makes the most outrageously beautiful shades and color schemes.

After the kids have made several eggs with with a variety of colors on them in the dipping bowls, paint pens with metallic silver and gold shades can be used to add accents to the eggs, giving them the appearance of being laced with gold and sliver leaf. Another tool for the kids to use is a BioPen, which can spray a multitude of colored speckles on a solid colored egg.

The rule of thumb is just to let the imagination run wild and experiment with colors, always being careful not to drop the eggs, as the shell will crack and spoil the beauty of the egg. Certainly the eggs can be eaten after being put in various Easter baskets on Easter Sunday.