Fun Ideas for a Kids Easter Egg Hunt


As the Easter holiday approaches children start to think of items often associated with the holiday such as large chocolate bunnies, coloring eggs and of course…an Easter Egg Hunt. But before you simply scatter the eggs over your yard, here are some fun ideas that put a new twist on an old tradition.

Clue Hunt

Use clues to lead children to their Easter basket. First, write out clues in sequential order and place them inside plastic Easter eggs. Next, hide clues in that same order around your yard. Finally, place the Easter Egg basket where the final clue tells the children to look. For younger children keep the clues simple such as easy directives. For older children use tough clues such as riddles to make the game more fun.

Incorporate a Pinata

At the end of a regular Easter Egg hunt, cap the even by offering the children a chance to whack a pinata for more Easter candy! This is a great game for a large gathering of children as they’ll each get to take turns striking the pinata and then have one last chance to collect as much candy as they can!

Prize Eggs

Place special “prize eggs” throughout the Easter Egg hunt. For example, purchase 5 golden chocolate Easter eggs and spread them randomly through the hunt. If a child retrieves that egg and shows it to a staff member running the event, they get a large prize such as a giant chocolate Easter Bunny!

Timed Colored Egg Hunt

Create a contest amongst the children to see who can collect the most Easter eggs in a given amount of time. Each child is assigned a color that they must retrieve. The child who gets the most eggs of his color receives a prize such as an Easter basket filled with candy.

If you and your family have a great time with one of these new Easter egg hunt twists, then you can make a tradition for years to come!