Kids love Valentine’s Day, because they love to make special cards and treats for their family and friends. And kids really do prefer to make their Valentines themselves rather than the store bought cards us grown-ups end up buying! We should all take a lesson from our children and bring that do-it-yourself spirit back into the holidays!

One of my favorite Valentine’s day homemade crafts when I was kid, was the hand-shaped paper cards I made by tracing my hand over some colored construction paper, and writing a little message on the decorative side! You can even use (and this is the recycling, eco-friendly portion) old Christmas or birthday wrapping paper, as long as it looks fun and colorful.

Your kids can trace out their little hands, while you help them cut the shapes out if they are still too small for scissors. Supply them with glitter, stickers, bits of confetti – and some white glue – and let their minds run wild as they decorate their very own “hand”made cards!

Don’t forget to write your little one’s name and the year in small writing on the back of the cards, so whoever gets them can remember exactly when they received this super special and unique Valentine’s Day Card!