Parent’s Review – IKEA Sundvik Crib

IKEA Sundvik Crib

Review – IKEA Sundvik Crib


The Sundvik Crib by Ikea is an affordable priced and contemporary looking crib with a bed base that can be converted into a toddler’s bed and adjusted at two different heights. I recently purchased this crib for my newborn son and I am entirely satisfied with the purchase. Ikea makes affordable products with a sleek and cutting edge design. The bed frame base that can easily transform into two different heights has been key for us. This makes the crib easily accessible for day and night time use, including supreme portability. The comfort of you child rests in the quality control of the crib you purchase. Although it has been argued spending money on college and saving money for your child’s college tuition is more important than expensive furniture, Ikea makes purchasing cribs and beds for children ideal. Especially, since Ikea has taken a strong green sustainability initiative, which has made this purchase even more special for me and my family. The Sundvik Crib by Ikea is ideal for those who would like to spend less for their child’s furniture yet at the same time have a trusted, comfortable, and attractive looking bed for their infant.

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However, the Sundvik Crib does not include a mattress. But, do not distress, Ikea offers many great deals on a mattress and we were able to find one at our visit during the same trip which made it easier to go home and set everything up. That is another amazing element about Ikea furniture and in particular, the Sundvik Crib, it is easy and user friendly to set up and install. Most cribs that we have tried have a very complex and convoluted set up scheme which makes it extremely difficult to get things going with your bed. The Sundvik Crib allows comfort, simplicity, and accessible all to merge into one low priced product. I absolutely recommend this crib to anyone who is on a budget, but more specifically anyone who is interested in having a stylish yet affordable bed for you child. I cannot stress this enough but having the option to have two adjustable and flexible heights with the Sundvik Crib is really a blessing. Other cribs only allow one fixed position, whereas the Sundvik is versatile and flexible which suits our needs more than any other crib on the market. It is ideal for us to have options and the Sundvik Crib is perfect for us.

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