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Ikea And Their Quality.

IKEA is renowned for their simple, functional, Eco-friendly furniture, and this crib definitely fits that description. Its classic design and durability make it a great choice for parents who want great value for their money, while still shopping conscientiously.

The Gulliver crib is made of solid beech and birch wood, and it is not overly fancy. In fact, it comes in two color options, white or natural, and it is a simple, standard cot design. The base adjusts to two heights, so the mattress can be lowered as your baby grows, and it can be converted to a toddler bed for years of use. With a price of just under $130, this is a lot of bed for your buck. You will still have to purchase the mattress separately, but IKEA sells those, too, and they are also reasonably priced.

Convertible cribs such as the Gulliver are extremely popular, since you save money by not having to purchase a toddler bed. Eventually you will need a full sized bed for your child, and the Gulliver does not provide that. Still, it could be used for several years with no problems.

About Our Gulliver Crib,

Used as a toddler bed, the Gulliver provides a nice, secure place for your toddler to sleep. Because there are three sides to the toddler bed ( you just remove one panel to convert from crib to bed) your child will probably find the transition a bit easier, too.

If you are looking for matching accessories, there is a complete Gulliver line of furniture available at IKEA. The changing table is another popular item, being simple and practical, just like the crib. It’s nice to know you can match your baby’s furniture without spending a fortune on it. Really, IKEA’s popularity is at least in part due to its affordability, and in part to its unique use of design. The Gulliver range may look simple, but that is precisely why a lot of people love them.

Although many love the simple design, others may find it a bit unimaginative. It is, for lack of a better word, utilitarian in design. Still, this remains one of IKEA’s most popular cribs. The versatility and affordability are more attractive than ever, especially in today’s economy. Smart parents know that spending hundreds of dollars or more on ornate furniture for babies is really not necessary, especially when a trip to IKEA gets the job done for much less.

All things considered, for the money you spend, this is a great choice for parents who are looking for substance over style, and who are conscious of how their purchase will affect the world around them.

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