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When it comes to a toddler’s playroom, lighting is something that should be taken heavily into consideration. The lighting should be bright enough so that the children do not have to squint and can see clearly, but not so bright that it is too harsh for their young eyes.

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Overhead lighting is the best choice for a toddler’s playroom. Floor lamps can be easily knocked down and may pose a health hazard for young children. There is lots of cute toddler playroom lighting ideas to choose from, such as wall sconces, overhead lighting and child-friendly chandeliers. If a table or dresser is high enough, a small lamp is also a good choice.

You can get creative with the lampshades for a toddler’s room, and have one with interesting characters, or have it match the color scheme of the playroom. Wall sconces should be fun and use simple shapes to keep the mood of the room young and energetic. Overhead lighting is always a great choice, as the toddler’s eyes never have to look straight at them. A lamp-chandelier hybrid is also a nice choice, as it is up and out of the way of boisterous children. The lampshades can be any color and in any number. There can be one in the center of the ceiling, or they can be wall sconces.

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