Rustic-Modern Toddler Bedroom Decor Ideas

Old Fashioned But Very Cute Kids Room

Do you love the feeling of a cozy bedroom, but wish some elements were more up to date? Try a new approach with a rustic modern style for a toddler’s room! Just take the elements that you love, and start mixing and matching.

For example, try beautiful natural wood for the bed, but use a modern bedspread with simple colors. You can also easily, and for very little money, accent the room with some gunmetal pull handles on the dressers or closet. Natural light is always great in a cozy, rustic room, so try to minimize the amount of harsh lights in the bedroom, and put in some thin curtains or blinds. A great place to achieve this look in any room is on the floor, check out some of the ideas here for rustic flooring.

Boys Room

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