18 Super Cute Baby Cribs!

Cute White Crib

Finding out your expecting can be very exciting. Whether this is your first or 7th child adding onto your family is a true blessing. There is a lot of work that goes into preparing your house for your new little addition. However, the most work is going to be done in the baby’s nursery. Making a comfortable, calming and cozy nursery should be an enjoyable experience.

Froggy Crib

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The Coolest Classic Kids Toys

Lego Castle

When looking for the perfect toy for a child there are many different things to consider. These include how durable the product is, if it’s safe, and one of the most important things, will the child enjoy it. Here are some cool kids toys that are sure to put a smile on any kid’s face.

Lego Winter Village

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Fancy Nancy Kids Birthday Theme Party

These days, every parent wants to give their child a party that will stand out. Food and drinks, entertainment, and activities are the main components of every children’s party, and each should be considered when thinking of modern children’s party ideas.

Food and drinks does not have to be boring. When it comes to a child’s party, the food and drinks should be a part of the fun. One great idea is to incorporate food and activities. A contest (no judging necessary) where the children have various foods to choose from and must make a sculpture using toothpicks is an innovative idea. For drinks, a soda machine that uses water and various flavorings to make customized soda that is healthier than store-bought is also a fun activity for kids.

Kids Circus Party Idea

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Unique Bookcase Ideas for a Kid’s Room

Angular Bookcase

When it comes to planning the visual aesthetic of a child’s room, one aspect that is often overlooked at first is a bookcase. Of course, a bookcase is an important part of a kid’s room. It is important before they learn to read to have books to read to them, and it becomes much more important after they learn to read in order to encourage reading and learning.

However, you will want to ensure that your kid’s bookshelf will look cool and fit in with their room’s design scheme. Here are some ideas for cool kids bookcases.

Tree Shaped Bookcase

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We Love Organic Wooden Baby Toys!

Wooden Ring Stacks Baby Toy

Wooden baby toys are a great gift for new parents or , the perfect thing for your own child!  Wooden products tend to be more durable than their plastic counterparts and can be handed down to younger children later. They are also less likely to break and cause a choking hazard.

Wooden Bug Baby Toy


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Cool Nursery Color Design

So you find yourself trying to figure out how to make your baby’s room the best and coolest room in town? Be happy in knowing that you will have some great ideas after reading this article. The first question you need to ask yourself is what does my baby seem to enjoy?

Tree Walls Nursery

Cool Orange Kids Bedroom

Young children are imaginative and creative by nature, and their bedrooms should also reflect that. When you put your mind to work, the possibilities for creating a fun design for your child’s bedroom are truly endless. Here are just a few cool children’s bedroom design tips you might want to consider.

Kids Bedroom Sophisticated

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Rustic Childs Desk And Chair

Children’s desks are an important element to any bedroom, playroom or study. They provide a child with a place to do homework, projects or artwork. Rustic kid’s desks are both functional and fashionable, and can enhance the overall look of any room. They are a great alternative to typical children’s desks that are brightly colored or more simple in design.

Of course, they must be smaller than those made for adults, so when purchasing a desk for a child, it is important to have the child sit in it and make sure it is comfortable and the right size. If you want a more rustic design you may have to do a little more work to find (antique sales, garage sales, etc)  and will usually cost more than a typical children’s desk that is made out of plastic or cheap wood.
Vintage Kids School Desk
Teepee Playroom Design

One idea to decorate a kids playroom is to choose a theme that the kids all enjoy. Using Disney characters, television characters, or kid’s book characters is a great way to centralize a theme for children”s playrooms. If the room is for all girls then a Disney Princess theme could be just the perfect idea. If the room is for all boys going with Transformers, Pokemon, Bakugon, Spiderman, or Cars themes is best. Deciding what theme is best for all the kids who are spending time in the room is a great way to keep everyone happy.

Cool Playroom Decor

Check Out These Cool Kid’s Bunk Beds!

Rustic Bunk Bed

Many families with multiple children find themselves in a bind when it comes to situating beds in a single bedroom. With limited space bunk beds are a realistic option for any aged child or children.

Varying greatly from the simple 2×4 framed bunk bed from our era, there are now tons of cool kid’s bunk beds to choose from.

Modern Cool Bunk Bed

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