Kids Bedroom Design Ideas For Small Rooms

Cute Staircase Kids Bedroom Storage Ideas

You would think that because kids are small, small rooms would be sufficient for them to sleep and play in, but often, small spaces are a challenge to design with your child’s needs in mind. If you live in a smaller house or an apartment, you may be faced with the challenge of fitting your kid into a smaller space, so we have some ideas for you here.

Kids Storage Ideas
A huge problem to overcome in a smaller kids room is the issue of storage. Fortunately, a lot of great storage solutions exist out there for everything from extra clothes, to all those toys that seem to
never stop accumulating! You can find some wonderful, vertical storage options out there that will work in almost any space. Another option is under the bed storage units that slide out on casters.

Storage in a kids room can also be multi-purpose. A trunk can serve as a place to keep their toys, and it can be used as a play table or seating bench.

The Best Starter Pets for Kids


Sooner or later, every child will come home and ask about getting a pet. That’s not a bad thing. Pets are fun companions and they are an excellent way to teach a child responsibility as well. The trip to the pet store can leave your head spinning though. Should you get a mouse or a bird? Or should you bring home a puppy or a goldfish? Below I’ve listed some of the best starter pets for your child and some of the reasons why to help make your decision to bring home that first pet a little easier.

Traditional pets like cats and dogs aren’t necessarily the best choice for a starter pet no matter how adorable they are. The best way to appease a child whose heart is set on one of these is to look into adopting an older animal. These animals are often better with children and you won’t have to take on the added responsibility of housebreaking them.

In the water pet category, goldfish are perhaps the most well known starter pet. After all, feeding them is as easy as shaking some flakes into a bowl and they never need a walk. The biggest responsibility of owning a fish comes when it’s time to clean the bowl. While most parents and children pick a goldfish as a first time pet, don’t overlook such pretty species as the fancy guppy which come in many bright colors with beautiful fan tails, or the platy which thrives in a small bowl. Steer clear of water pets like turtles which are surprisingly high maintenance and carriers of salmonella; also avoid frogs for first time pets as they can’t be handled much and the water needs to be cleaned very frequently.

Among rodents, hamsters, gerbils, mice, guinea pigs and rats are excellent choices. These animals acclimate to humans quickly and only need five minutes of handling a day to stay socialized. Another bonus is that rodents need very little equipment to make them happy. An exercise wheel in their cage generally does the trick. All rodents need something to chew on because their teeth never stop growing and this can cause injury or an inability to eat if they can’t wear their teeth down. If you don’t provide something, many resourceful rodents, especially gerbils, will use the bars on their cage for the purpose.

Reptile pets can be a bit tricky. Many reptiles require a diet of mice or insects to be happy, so it’s important to consider how your child will handle feeding. The leopard gecko is a good starter pet for a child who really wants a reptile. They come in many different patterns and colors and they don’t get very big. They will need a heat source in their tank because they are cold blooded and you should make sure that the tank is small enough that they can stay warm.

Ideas for A Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday

gabba gabba invite

Planning a kid’s birthday party can be a fun and exciting time. It can also be difficult to get everything just right for their perfect day. I have found that it is easier to ensure that I have everything that I need by having a themed birthday party. A great birthday theme for younger children is Yo Gabba Gabba.

When having a Yo Gabba Gabba themed birthday party, I can easily coordinate all of the various things that I need starting with the birthday invitations. There are a variety to choose from and some can be personalized with my child’s photo.

I can then pick out all of the decorations that I need to have for my child’s Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party. I can find plates, napkins, and cups that are great for the children to use during the party. There are also banners, hats, placemats, wall decorations, table centerpieces and so much more. I was amazed at the amount of theme birthday decorations I was able to find that worked so nicely for a Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party.

No party is complete without having games. There are a variety of games that have been created such as a Match N’ Dance game and a Dance Party DJ card game. I was able to find games that would easily keep the children busy and having fun for hours.

Before the children all leave the party, I like to make sure that they all have party bags. When having a Yo Gabba Gabba themed birthday party, I tried something new and had a candy buffet. I laid out a table with a variety of different candies and party favors. The children could all then go and fill their own party bags with their favorite candies. This is something that the children truly enjoyed doing.

Having a Yo Gabba Gabba themed birthday party is a fun and exciting thing to do. With all of the supplies that are out there, it actually made planning the party quite easy.

Is Your Child Safe in the Car Seat?

car seat safety

I buckle my child into her car seat several times a day. And for a long time, I was making common mistakes that could have caused her to be injured unnecessarily if we had been in an accident. She wasn’t as safe as I thought she was. Here are a few ideas for checking the safety of your backseat buddy.

Experts estimate that 80% of car seats are installed incorrectly. Having your car seat installation checked by a certified car seat safety installation technician is an important place to start on the journey to making your child safer in the car. Visit the National Highway Safety Administration’s website and locate a certified technician in your area.

Car seat straps should be snug on the child’s shoulders. If you can pinch the strap up, it is not snug. They should lay flat over the shoulder, across the body, and back over the hip to the seat. If your child’s winter coat is under the straps of the car seat, you will not be able to buckle him or her in snugly. Try taking the coat off, buckling your child in, then putting the coat on backwards over the child and straps. You will not be able to zip the coat, but your child will be warm and safe as you drive.

The chest clip needs to be buckled even with your child’s armpits. If it is resting on his or her belly, it is not functioning as a chest clip is intended and could result in your child being ejected out of the car seat.

Check your car seat’s expiration date. As plastic ages, it becomes brittle. An old car seat may break in a crash.

Children should be rear facing until at least age two. Each car seat model has a different maximum rear facing limit. Keep your child rear facing for as long as possible to reduce your child’s chance of a spinal cord injury in the event of a crash.

Taking a few minutes today to check your child’s safety won’t cost you anything, and you’ll be glad you did. Are there any tips I missed? Leave a comment below!

Are Your Kids Ready for a Dog?

kids and dogs

Being a parent can be a tough job. One issue that parents often face is to decide whether or not they should buy a pet for their children. Dogs can make a great pet for parents of both young and older children but there is a lot of responsibility involved. Here are some ways to know if your kids are ready for a dog.

Talk to Your Kids about Owning a Dog before Buying One

Many parents rush out and buy a dog because they see a little puppy with a cute face and then fall head over heels in love and buy the dog before thinking it through. Sit down and talk to your kids about owning a dog after you have researched a possible breed of dog that could work in your household. For example, smaller dogs that can run fast typically do not do well in homes with children who are under the age of six because the child can trip on them and fall.

Have a discussion with the children and ask them how they will care for the dog and what they will do to help out with the chores such as feeding it, combing its hair, giving it water, and walking it. If the kids refuse to take any part in caring for the dog then you will most likely get stuck with doing everything for the dog which can be a huge undertaking. Kids need to want to be involved because it is a family pet so refusing to take part is a problem.

Try a Dry Run at Pet Ownership

Ask a friend to allow you to pet sit for a week or two. Observe how your kids interact with the dog. If they aggravate the dog such as chasing it too much, pulling its tail, or teasing it then they probably are not mature enough yet to handle the responsibility of having a job.

Write down notes about each child’s behavior with the dog. If they do a good job and are consistently taking part in caring for it then they are probably ready for a dog. It is important to set out rules regarding behavior around the dog before buying one because many kids get hurt by aggressive dogs every year.

kids winter art projects

The long, cold months of winter tend to make all of us a bit stir crazy, but with some planning and creativity, winter creativity can flourish. A dab of glue, a spot of paint, and some imagination can turn otherwise unused household items into crafty treasures.

Mitten Madness

If you have any singleton mittens lying around lonely without their mates, use them to create artwork. Donning a mitten and dipping it lightly into some paint, a child can experiment with texture and color to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Mitten prints could be applied to paper or cardboard to be used to wrap or box gifts.

Draw mittens on sheets of construction paper, then kids can practice cutting out the shapes with scissors. These mittens then can be used in other projects, such as creating marble mittens. Place a mitten inside a clean container that has a tight-fitting lid (such as a whipped topping or spreadable butter container). Dip a marble in paint; place the marble in the container, then put the lid on top. Kids can shake the container to create patterns. Experimenting with several marbles and colors of paint can become a lesson in color creation and manipulation, too.

Smaller children can dip their hands in paint and decorate mitten cut-outs with their handprints. This activity not only engages children in artistic creation, but parents can date the work and have a personalized piece to mark the memory and the child’s development.

Displayable Art

Smaller art pieces, such as the marble or handprint mittens or origami snowflakes, can become a wreath. Simply cut out a doughnut from sturdy cardboard, and ask the children to help you mount the individual pieces as a collection on the wreath. To make this a learning activity for younger children, encourage them to create themed wreaths by choosing items that would go together, such as all of the blue mittens or pictures of winter clothing.

Recycled Snowman

If you have any circles heading for the trash—like scratched CDs or juice can lids—they can quickly become snowmen with a bit of white paint and some decorative odds and ends. Paint the circles. After they dry, glue them together, then use bits of fabric, ribbon, pom poms, pipe cleaners, or markers to give them personality.

With your imagination and a bit of creativity, winter days hold hours of beauty and fun.

3 Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags for Kids


Colorful Lunch Bags by Crocodile Creek

Crocodile creek makes a variety of different eco-friendly lunch bags that are perfect for kids and adults of all ages. Specifically for kids – or the truly whimsical – Crocodile Creek makes a line of animal-themed lunch bags, complete with multi-colored dinosaurs, as well as a whole farm animal series. Crocodile Creek also makes eco-friendly lunch bags in bold, solid colors if you aren’t looking for something with a print design. All Crocodile Creek lunch bags are lead, PVC, and phthalate-free. Crocodile Creek lunch bags can be purchased through a variety of different retailers or online.

Four Peas Lunch Bags

Four Peas makes an entire line of lunch bags aimed specifically at kids, as well as a series of matching backpacks and school supplies. The most popular line of Four Peas lunch bags is printed with different fairy tales depicted around the lunch bag through colorful designs. All Four Peas lunch bags are free of lead, PVC plastic and potentially harmful phthalates. You can order Four Peas lunch bags through multiple online retailers or directly from the Four Peas website.

Clear Conscience Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags

Clear Conscience is one of the leading makers of eco-friendly bags. Along with their line of re-usable recycled plastic bottles, tote bags, shoe bags, and laundry bags, Clear Conscience makes eco-friendly lunch bags in bright colors that are perfect for school lunches you prepare and send with your child. Every bag Clear Conscience makes is completely free of lead, PVC material and byproducts and potentially harmful phthalates. All Clear Conscience products are also made in the USA, which cuts down on energy emissions from importing products from overseas. Clear Conscience eco-friendly lunch bags can be purchased directly from the Clear Conscience website and through an ever-expanding list of online retailers.

eco cupcakes

A child’s birthday party is the perfect venue for introducing children to green and eco-friendly topics and practices. Along with the paperless, electronic invitations and earth-oriented party games, an eco-friendly party must include eco-friendly food.

Eco-friendly cupcakes start with eco-friendly ingredients. Everybody loves carrot cake, so what could be more delicious than carrot-cake cupcakes? Using organic versions of whole wheat pastry flour, eggs, oil, carrots and walnuts make the cake healthy and eco-friendly. Organic versions of cream cheese, butter, confectioner’s sugar, lemons and lemon juice are used for the frosting.

Alternatively, the carrot flavor can be substituted with any fruit or flavoring for a different organic recipe. Natural colorings should be used to color the frosting if desired. Mixing crushed berries or other fruits can add a nice natural hue to the cake or frosting. Natural food colorings in various colors also can be found in health food stores.

Eco-friendly decorating ideas include green food coloring, earth colored cupcakes, or eco-friendly messages written on the cupcakes. Each cupcake could contain a letter or two to spell out an eco-friendly message. For a lesson about the solar system, each cupcake could be decorated to represent one of the planets. Animal-themed cupcakes depicting rainforest animals are a fun idea. Alternatively, the cupcakes can each have the face of a farm animal, such as a pig, on them. This is in keeping with the organic farm theme. Endangered species could also be depicted and used as a teaching moment about the environment.

Plates and eating utensils should also be eco-friendly. The typical plastic, paper and Styrofoam tableware used at parties only fill the landfills. Compostable tableware fits the eco-theme and can be taken to a composter afterward. Alternatively, investing in a set of reusable tableware is a good economical and eco-friendly choice.

Decorations are another consideration. Balloons are not good for the environment and can be disastrous to marine animals. Reusable Chinese lanterns and felt banners are a safe and festive choice. Paper bag piñatas are a fun decoration.

With a little planning, eco-friendly birthday parties are as fun and simple to assemble as traditional birthday parties. They can be fun and educational for the children as well.