What Are the Hottest Toys for Summer?

razor flash rider

The majority of children in the US don’t get enough daily physical activity. In fact, many watch TV or play video games for 5 hours or more every day! Want to get the kids to get off their butts and away from the TV this summer? Lure them away with these hot summer toys.

1) Razor Flash Rider

This toddler tricycle is a hot rod that will have kids taking over sidewalks everywhere. The trike is decked out in silver, hot pink, and black colors, and features an over-sized front wheel and mini rear wheels. The main attraction of the Flash Rider is its ability to light up the roads. The trike has a spark bar that can be lowered to put a piece of flint in contact with the ground. When a child pedals fast enough, the flint will light up the way wherever the Flash Rider goes. This trike is not only too cool for school, it will help the kids get outside and get in some physical activity.

2) Nerf Super Soaker Lightning Storm

Boys will always love their toy guns, and nothing will put a bigger smile on their faces than having the Lightning Storm in their little hands. This water blaster features a navy blue, white, and orange color scheme, and holds up to 35 oz of icy cold water. The Lightning Storm lives up to its name with lightning bolt symbols placed in various spots on the gun. It even has a built-in water shield for defense against enemy sprays. The Nerf Super Soaker Lightning Storm will give any kid a good reason to get off the couch to cool down with some friends.

3) Icee Deluxe Slushy Machine

Nothing beats eating or drinking something nice and cool after playing outside all day. With the Icee Deluxe Slushy Machine, every boy and girl can make their own slushies with the simple turn of a crank. Simply add ice cubes and one of the two supplied flavors, then crank away to a delicious and refreshing beverage that the whole family will love.

baby nursery ideal temperature

It is a known fact that every parent wants everything to go smoothly once their baby arrives to their nursery. Newborn babies should not have a high nor low temperature, as they are very delicate. A baby still isn’t capable of regulating their own temperature. This is why the room itself will need to be regulated to the proper temperature of your baby.

How Cool Should You Keep the Nursery

According to many studies, the proper, or ideal temperature of your baby’s nursery should be around 68-72 degrees. It is highly important for the temperature to consistently stay within this range, as an infants temperature-regulating system hasn’t fully regulated yet. Babies that weigh less than 6 pounds generally don’t have enough fat in their body’s to adapt to the different room-temperature shifts. However, babies that are born over 8 1/2 pounds will likely have enough fat in their body to adjust light temperature changes. If your baby temperature is increasing, place a fan in front of them to cool their temperature down. However, before you place the fan in front of your baby, make sure to thoroughly clean the fan. You do not want your baby to inhale dust or germs which the fan may possibly attain.

How to Keep Your Baby Cool In Their Nursery

Proper Clothes

The best type of material that your baby should wear is cotton, as it allows the baby’s body to have normal air circulation. If your baby has cold feet and hands, use another layer of clothing to avoid their temperature from lowering down. Don’t place a loose blanket over the baby, as infants cannot free themselves if a loose blanket creeps up to their face. Avoid clothing your baby in synthetic clothes, as it can be quite warm on the skin. During hot weather, it will be difficult to control the temperature of the room. Lessen the amount of bedding in your baby’s crib to avoid their body temperature from rising.

Keeping your baby’s temperature normal is very important, as having their nursery too cold or too hot can be quite dangerous for them. Install an air conditioner and heater into the nursery to control the temperature of the room whenever the weather changes. You do not want your baby to experience any problems when they are in their nursery.

baby sun safety

Because of their delicate skin and small bodies, babies can suffer sun-related effects such as sunburn and heatstroke in much shorter periods of time than adults. It is important, then, to think proactively about your baby’s sun protection and always be prepared for sun exposure when you’re going to be outside with your baby. Even a short walk down the block could result in a sunburn if you don’t take proper precautions. There are a number of ways you can protect your child from harmful UV rays.

1. Use The Shade: Though it seems obvious to keep your baby in the shade of trees or other sun-blockers whenever you are out in the sun, you can also take a shade producer with you to keep your baby safe during times where shade is hard to come by. Purchasing a stroller with a sun-blocker is necessary, especially if you live in a hot, sunny climate. If you already have a stroller, you can purchase a sun-blocker that attaches to a stroller at most baby supply stores. Bring along a sun-blocking umbrella that sticks into the ground for play-dates at the park or beach. Keeping the sun off of the baby’s skin is the best way to prevent sunburn.

2. Dress Your Baby In Protective Clothing: Though it’s important that your baby is in comfortable, breathable fabric, make sure to find styles with long sleeves and pants that can shield him from the sun. A hat, especially one that is wide enough to block the sun from the entire face, is essential. Hats not only protect the delicate facial skin of a baby, but also the eyes, which can become damaged when exposed to bright sunlight for long periods of time.

3. Always Use Sunscreen: It is important to always use a baby-safe sunscreen on your baby whenever you are taking him outside and to re-apply sunscreen every 4-5 hours. Look at drug stores and grocery stores for sunscreens that are SPF 45 or higher and that are for babies or for people with sensitive skin as babies have delicate skin that could become irritated with regular sunscreens.

Make Your Own Healthy Freezer Pops!

homemade freezer pops freezies

Why buy freeze pops from the store that are full of sugar, unwanted calories and they all carry a steep price tag. Popsicles are all the rage in the summer time heat for children and even adults but this summer homemade freezies have really broken out on the scene. What more could you want on a steamy day than to give your child a refreshing freezer pop especially when they are easy too make so any mom can make them, nutritious and of course the best part is you know exactly what you are putting inside your child’s belly. Homemade freeze pops are super simple and you can make any flavor sensation you want using all natural ingredients; some include yogurt, milk, fruit juice, even fresh fruit and for all those chocolate lovers there are many homemade freezie recipes too to satisfy that craving.

One very basic way to make homemade freezer pops uses only fruit and yogurt. To start off you are going to want to make sure you own a set of Popsicle molds. Because homemade Popsicle have become so popular you can find molds pretty much at any grocery store or of course a kitchen accessories store. Next you are going to want to pick out what flavors you want your freezie to be; whatever your child prefers. Whether that is strawberry-banana, lime-blueberry, orange-banana or just simply strawberry or raspberry. Once you have decided on a flavor you will need to buy the fruit and yogurt for your freezie. For example, a strawberry-banana freezer pop would require the purchase of strawberry yogurt and fresh bananas. You then need eight ounces of yogurt and about a third of a cup of banana; then throw it all in a blender to puree. Lastly, just fill your molds with the blended mixture and freeze. This is a very simple recipe but you can spice them up a bit by adding half a cup of frozen orange juice concentrate. A chocolate craving can be fulfilled by using chocolate pudding.

Homemade freezie pops are a great and easy recipe to try out because you can easily experiment with any flavors you or your child desires. They are also healthier because you know exactly what you are putting in the frozen treats so you can monitor how much sugar is used and substitute with healthier options.

More Kids Sun Safety Tips

Kids – Sun Safety

Keeping kids safe in the sun is essential to avoiding sun burns and long term health problems. Getting them to remember to put on sunscreen and keep a hat on their heads can next to impossible, however. Try these tips for keeping your kids safe from the sun this summer.

• Make them cover up. Cloth is a better sun shield than any lotion, but wearing the wrong kind of clothes can make kids too hot. Pick lightweight, cotton pants and shirts paired with tennis shoes for hiking and playing outside. If kids want to go in the water, make them wear a t-shirt to protect their shoulders and torso.

• Use a sunscreen with a high SPF. Despite popular thinking, a lower SPF will not help anyone to tan more, but it can get them burned faster. Also make sure the sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVB rays. While most sunscreens on the market today meet this criteria, it’s a good idea to check some bargain brands and brands that are manufactured and sold outside of the United States.

• Throw away sunscreen after eighteen months. Some companies advise that their products are only good for a year. Applying sunscreen that has expired won’t hurt anyone, but it won’t help either.

• If possible, wear a hat. Hats protect the skin on top of the head as well as providing partial protection for the face. Since this is the area most prone to melanoma, it is critical to protect this part of a child. Getting kids to do this can be hard, but there are ways to convince them to do. Let them pick from a couple of different hats. Even if it doesn’t offer the best protection from the sun, having them actually wear it will be better than having them take it off the moment their parent is out of sight.

• Consider stick and spray sunscreens. While these are more expensive, they are a lot easier to apply to small children. Of course, do not use a spray on a baby, since it is next to impossible to avoid their eyes when spraying.

• Still protect children on cloudy days. While clouds provide a small amount of protection from the sun, they will not guarantee a child will not get burned.

Keeping Your Kids Cool in this Crazy Heat!

keeping kids cool in the heat

Keeping your children cool in the middle of the hottest summer on record can be hard without confining them to a room with air conditioning. Fortunately, there are ways to keep kids cool while they play outside. Try these tips.

• Put the kids in water. Go swimming in a pool or lake, play in a sprinkler, visit a splash park, or just have a water fight. Water is a great way to keep cool. It is critical, however, for kids to wear sunscreen if they are going to play in the water. Because water reflects the sun’s rays, kids can get sunburned much faster than they would otherwise.

• Dress in more clothes, not less. Many people’s first instinct when the temperature rises is to put on as little clothing as possible, but people who live in the desert have learned that the secret to staying cool is wear more clothing. Light layers of natural fibers, such as cotton will absorb sweat and allow it to do its primary job, which is transferring heat away from the body. More clothes will also help protect the skin from getting burned. If possible, add a hat. Hats will keep the sun’s rays off of kids’ heads.

• Seek out shade. The problem with playing sports outdoors in the summer is that the fields are not exactly covered in trees. In between innings or quarters, have the kids sit under a tree or in a dugout.

• Avoid going out during the hottest part of the day. Depending on what part of the time zone you live in, this time is usually between noon and four o’clock. Plan on doing inside activities during this time.

• Drink water frequently. Juice and sports drinks will help, but nothing beats water for keeping kids hydrated and cooled down. If you’re monitoring a large group of kids, make sure that everyone gets a drink at least once every hour (more frequently if the kids are really active). If any child turns pale, has clammy skin, or starts vomiting, get him or her inside immediately.

A Quick Review of Wishbone Ride-On Toys

wishbone ride on toys bikes

There are many reasons why parents have taken such an interest on Wishbone Ride-On Toys. These toys have an innovative design including the rock and roll 3-in-1 wishbone flip. This toy is made from wood that has been sustainably grown. It’s brilliant, simple and offers three toys in one. The toy has a flipping mechanism that transforms it from a rocking to a rolling mode without having to use any tools to make the adjustment.

The flip mechanism was designed to adapt to a growing child. When my kid is around a year old, they will love the flipping mode. As they grow, i can adjust the base of the toy to enable push functionality. They can play with the toy by pushing it around or i can aid them to ride the toy around the compound. The toy even has an inner compartment for the baby to carry other small toys in the 3-in-1 wishbone.

These toys have four castor wheels. The baby can take rides around the house till they are contented. Then when they are tired with riding, i can flip back the toy to become a rocker. The only thing i have to do for the transformation is to press and turn the latch.

This is a toy that will grow with my baby; it is timeless and am sure your kid will also love it. It provides a combination of functionality as well as contemporary form.

Parents love these toys because:
• They save on money because your child would use them for years
• They are a production that is eco-friendly and safe for your kid as well as the planet. These toys are made from sustainably grown Beech wood, glue as well as non-toxic finishes. The manufacturing has a no plastic package policy
• Meets the international standards for safety and toxicity
• Can be used as a rocker or push toy

The wishbone 3-in-1 toy is a ride-on toy as well as a rocker. It is your child’s new favorite toy. This is a good choice for a birthday present. It is designed to offer extra play value well beyond that of any other toys.

Wishbone Ride-On Toys are recommended for all kids aged between 1 to 5 years. They can support weights of up to 30 kilograms and have an adjustable height of 8.6 to 9.4 inches in the rock mode and 10 to 10.8 inches in the ride mode. They come with a year warranty.

Native Shoes The Toddler IT Shoe

The Toddler “IT” Shoe has gained a whole lot of attention from water parks and even from local playgrounds. This shoe is available through the Native Shoes brand, and it has been designed very similarly to the famous Crocs shoes. These shoes are waterproof and can be perfect for any toddler. They come in all kinds of colors and designs, but the “IT” Shoes are always built with a high quality design. Parents of young children enjoy having their kids use these shoes because of how easy it is to clean them. Just a quick wipe can kick off the dirt from these “IT” shoes.

The main feature to this shoe is the ease of putting it on and taking it off. Just slip them on and your kids can have a great shoe to wear. Children can have difficulties when tying their shoes, and when the occasion calls for the family to rush out the door, it is nice how your kids can slip these on and get going right away. Since it has perforations temperature control, it can allow for your toddler’s feet to breathe when they need to. This makes it more than convenient for most children since sweat is a common problem among young and active kids.

Parents who want to give their toddlers the best shoes choose these shoes from this brand. A common feature that most parents like is its odor resistant properties which can help avoid smell in the shoes. No matter how long your kids may wear these shoes, it will never smell or leave a stinky stench. Children have exclaimed gratitude for these “IT” shoes because of its comfortable design. Toddlers will never feel uncomfortable with these shoes since it has a soft sole that all toddlers can run around in without experiencing annoying aches or pain. The EVA upper lining also helps on keeping it a comfortable shoe.

As your toddler starts walking and starts to feel the need for running and playing often, you need to give them shoes that will complement their constant playing. These shoes were designed with the active toddler in mind, and parents everywhere are explaining how great their children can run around often with these shoes while still keeping their feet comfortable. The Native Shoes brand strives to offer only the best shoes possible, and they made sure that these shoes were what they wanted. If you hope to give your toddler only the best possible shoes, the “IT” shoes from Native Shoes is surely going to be a great choice.

kids-recycling teaching

In today’s world, teaching your children how to be responsible in protecting the environment must begin as early as possible. By using these methods to teach your children how to recycle, you can prepare them with habits that will last a lifetime. In fact, I have used these methods with great success.

1. Help your children make recycling day a family activity. By encouraging your children to participate in recycling day, you can help create a positive mood around the concept of recycling. Let your children play a role in selecting the recyclable items, and discuss why each item is recyclable when they select it.

2. As a component of recycling, show your children how much space is saved in the trash can by recycling other materials. If a public landfill is nearby, you can take a trip to it, or see if they hold tours, to show the children how much room trash needs and why recycling is so vital.

3. If your children are school aged, discuss the possibility of a school recycling drive with their teacher or the school’s administration. By encouraging other children and parents to join in the fun, you can make recycling a popular social activity.

Additionally, educating your children about the nature of pollution and why recycling is so important can be turned into a fun activity for the entire family. Among the activities I have used with children of all ages are the following:

1. Many county museums have programs and displays discussing the importance of recycling garbage and other waste. Not only can this help your children understand the importance of recycling, but will be a fun outing for the entire family.

2. Many water districts have programs to explain the importance of clean water, and how recycling can help in that goal. Contact your local district in order to see if they offer tours, either for individuals or for school groups.

3. On an individual level, have your children keep a log of how much paper they use over the course of a week, and put it in a specific bin. At the end of the week, you can weigh it, to show them just how much paper they can save through recycling.

Recycling is an important activity and it is never too early to get your children involved. By using some of these activities, you not only can you help your children learn to recycle, but make recycling a fun activity for the entire family.

A Look at the Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair


The Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair is a popular high chair that was originally designed back in 1972. Peter Opsvik is the mastermind behind this nicely designed high chair; however, it wasn’t the way this high chair looked that made it stand out from the others, it was how it actually could be used by a baby all the way up until he or she became an adult. In fact, you can use this high chair as a baby, and with a few simple adjustments, an adult of any size can easily sit down on this chair. This makes it perfect for growing kids to have a specially designed chair for them as they grow.

Peter designed this high chair after his son grew out of his original high chair but still couldn’t manage to touch the floor on the family’s regular chairs. I personally found this chair to be beneficial for children to use because of how easy you can adjust it as they are growing. If you struggle with buying more and more chairs, use this instead. The best part is that you can use it for years to come. Not only will one child get to use this, but so will the following kids you may have if ever you plan to have more.

After being in existence since 1972 and actually making changes along the way, thousands of people have enjoyed using this wonderful high chair. The main thing that parents like is how they can last for years and years. The majority of users experienced their Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair to last for more than 25 years since it was originally created. Other parents like how it has a very vintage and traditional look, so it is quite a crafty looking high chair. It is also very easy to use and adjust the entire chair. Many children have noticed that they can easily interact with family members using this high chair, and this is another thing that I enjoyed about this high chair. Despite its high price, you can be sure to enjoy this for years to come for your children, and even your children’s children.

If you want to enjoy a nice looking high chair that your children will enjoy using as they grow, this is the one to use. It may be a bit more expensive than other types of high chairs, but its design and features makes it a worthwhile investment that could last for years to come.