race car party

When planning any child’s birthday party, it is a great idea to have a theme for them. I have found that many little boys and girls love having a race car themed birthday party. Now that a theme is picked out, it is time to determine all of the various items you will want to have.

The first thing to start with are the various decorations that I use when having a race car themed birthday party. Having some checkered flags hanging within the party area, along with balloons and streamers that are black, red, and white is a great start to the decorating. There are also numerous types of race car plates, napkins, and cups that will help finish off the theme.

Another part of planning a themed birthday party is to have activities that also coincide with the theme. When the location of the party permits, I like to set up a race track. The race can either be on foot or by using something such as bicycles, push toys, or other children’s toys. I also have some type of prizes or trophies for those that win the races. Another great activity for those race fans is to do some vehicle painting. Using matchbox cars and children’s washable paints, it is a fun and entertaining activity that all of the children will enjoy.

No party is complete without party favors for the children as well. In sticking with the theme, I use matchbox cars or other types of cars, checkered flags, race car stickers, race car deck of cards, and fun car shaped candies and suckers.

Themed parties are extremely fun for children and ensuring that everything goes with the party theme makes it even more exciting for them.

The Best Strollers for Triplets


Having one baby and transporting them around is a difficult task in and of itself. Choosing the right stroller can be a tedious task, and with so many available, it can be stressful choosing the best option. Having two babies can really narrow down your options, and having triplets can narrows them down even more. The more unique the stroller the more money it’s generally going to cost, so making sure you’ve found the right one is very important, especially when the safety of your babies comes to mind.

I have found that going to your average store doesn’t really cut it when it comes to finding a specialty stroller, such as one that holds triplets. I have found that most places offer strollers for at most 2 babies, so I’ve needed to expand my searching and start looking online.

DoubleDeckerStroller.com offers options for parents expecting triplets. While designs are limited, they have options available for both toddlers and infants alike. You can order directly online, but I found the order forms to be a bit difficult to fill out. Instead, I opted to contact them by phone to see what options were available. Since you’re bound to pay more money for a triplet stroller, finding the right one is important so that you don’t end up paying for something that you’re not going to use.

While slightly more expensive in price, PegPerego.com offers strollers for triplets as well. These designs were actually created by parents who have had triplets, so these strollers won’t offer you a typical design. They offer lightweight, yet safe strollers so that getting them in and out of the car won’t break your back. If money is no option, or if you’re willing to splurge a little bit, this is the place to go. The reviews are good and you are definitely going to get your money’s worth with these strollers.

Lastly, and probably the least conventional would be amazon.com. As broad a website as Amazon is, I’ve found some of the cheapest prices and options available. Although this doesn’t offer one particular brand, it offers an array of designs and great reviews that would make any parent feel safe. I recommend the above sites because of the safety and the options available. With great reviews from other parents with triplets, you really cannot go wrong.

Top Five Strollers for Twins

McLaren Twin Triumph Stroller

Running errands and going out and about with a baby can be very challenging for most parents. Strolling around twin babies can seem like an impossible task. Nowadays, there are many strollers that have been designed to make it easier for parents of twins to move around. The following models are very popular for their comfort, ease, and practicality.

The Side by Side
The Graco Duorider Double Stroller is made for transporting two babies side-by-side. It is an excellent option for babies to be able to communicate and play with each other. Parents reviewing this stroller have praised its maneuverability and ample storage.

The Tandem Style
Graco also provides an excellent option for parents looking for a tandem stroller. The Graco Duoglider Double Stroller was created specifically for twins and has some features, such as an elevated back seat for a clear view, that are tailored for babies of the same age. Both seats are very comfortable and have a canopy to protect each child from the sun.

The Light and Practical
The McLaren Twin Triumph Stroller is a more lightweight twin stroller that is very practical and easy to store, while maintain comfort. The stroller folds at a touch of a button, includes a five point harness system, and has a rain cover.

The City Rider
Strolling in pavement, sidewalks, and other uneven surfaces can be another challenge, but the Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller makes this a breeze for parents of twins. It is designed for easy maneuvering in a wide variety of surfaces and can be adapted to carry infants or toddlers. The Bumbleride features sporty, water-resistant fabric, child carrier adapters, and a system that allows you to adjust each seat individually.

The Luxury Stroller
The Bugaboo Donkey combines luxury and convenience. It gives parents endless possibilities by allowing them to mix and match car seats and carrycots in any position and orientation that they like. A third carrycot can also be added to carry multiple babies. The Bugaboo Donkey does all of this while still maintaining style and the stability that has made Bugaboos so famous.

The Top Five Lightweight Strollers

Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller

A lightweight stroller is not only easier to push around and carry, it is also better for the environment because there is naturally less materials used. However, there are so many different makes and models out there that it is not always easy to choose. Surprisingly, finding a high quality stroller of this type does not have to break the bank. Here are the top five lightweight strollers:

1. Jet Stroller by The First Years – At less than $50 this is the most popular light stroller and it is easy to see why with all the great features. It has a very durable frame that can hold up to 50 lbs., and the tall handles, multi-position recline, and the five point harness always ensures a safe ride. This lightweight stroller is easy to fold and weighs only 11 lbs.

2. Ignite Stroller by The First Years – Just about $10 more than the first stroller on this list, although the features are worth the little extra cash. The features are basically the same as the first stroller, except the Ignite is a little sturdier and has a lower storage basket.

3. Cosco Umbrella Stroller – This is a really great spare stroller to have, as it is under $20, comes in a cute giraffe pattern, and only weighs about 6 pounds. It is the lightest stroller on the list but it can still hold a child that weighs up to 50 lbs.

4. Double Twin Stroller by Dream On Me – The perfect lightweight stroller for those with twins or more than one child! This double stroller features very lightweight construction, seats that fully recline, a 5 point safety harness, and adjustable umbrella canopies to protect from the hot sun.

5. Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller –The last of the top 5 lightweight strollers is this beauty by Jeep. It is a little pricier than the others but it is worth it. One of the highest quality strollers out there, and is the easiest to fold with its 1-hand folding system.

Fooz Kids – How it Works

fooz kids

Fooz Kids is a safe place online where children can create, discover, learn, play and connect in a parent controlled environment. Fooz Kids is available in 56 countries and is available in 36 different languages and can be used on both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Fooz Kids offers many different things for your children to learn and experience:

Children are able to discover websites, videos, games and crafts based on their favorite characters Using the Creator, children can make a virtual re-creation of themselves. This app allows the child to change their hair color and allows them to change their clothing.

Children can browse through the Fooz Kids Mall to find clothing and accessories for their virtual character. The Fooz Kids Places is set up to resemble their room. Here children can decorate by choosing their own furniture and accessories and then invite their pre-approved friends over to check it out.

Parents can set up and manage their child’s list of friends in the Friends section. Kids Mail is your child’s first attempt at using email. With Fooz Kids Mail, your child can type, draw, doodle and add stickers and share with those on their friends list.

Video Mall allows your child to send video email as well as allowing them to record, send and receive video messages. The Fooz Kids University is a great tool to help your pre-K through 5th grade child master their math skills. The free books creator allows children to create stories that parents can to preserve into hard or soft cover books. The University Challenge allows children from all over the world to compete against one another in math competitions.

So, for you parents who are looking for a fun, educational, safe place for your young children online; take a look at Fooz Kids.com.

A Safari Themed Kids Birthday Party

kids safari party

Kids and animals are the perfect combination at a party. Although puppies, kittens and farm animals definitely have the cute factor going on but what about upping the ante by bringing a safari to town? What kid is going to be bored when the theme of that birthday party is focused on tigers, lions and elephants?

Invite Guests to an Adventure

Create invitations that are designed as though they were passports to another country. Africa or Australia would be great destinations for those little guests.

Checking out the Sights

Make some fun party favors that are inexpensive and totally recyclable. Use the cardboard tubes from rolls of paper towels and create binoculars and telescopes. Need a camera? With some construction paper and empty candy boxes you can make a kid-friendly smart phone with picture taking capabilities.

Search and Discover

With a scavenger hunt you can send young party guests out on an educational adventure. Let them search for stuffed animals that you have hidden in strategic locations. This can help teach kids about the natural habitats and behaviors of animals. For instance a monkey may be found swinging on a tree limb and a tiger might be found sleeping in tall grass.

Mix and Match

Use cardboard to make cut-outs of the countries where specific animals are found. Have a contest to see who can match the most animals with the right country. Make the game easy or difficult according to the ages of the kids attending the party.

Go Wild

Help the guests paint their faces so they resemble their favorite wild animal. Provide the kids with lots of old clothing and help them create safari based outfits. A pith helmet would be really cool, but imagination can make almost any hat work. Play music that includes animal noises or songs about wild animals. Give prizes to the guests that can mimic the most animal sounds.

Animal Crackers

A big bowl of animal crackers can make a perfect centerpiece for the table. Create a pyramid made from boxes of animal crackers and then let the kids take turns knocking the structure over with balloons or foam balls. Sure, most of the tosses will miss the target but it is just a lot of fun to try and hit the mark with a balloon.

Review – Clic-it Smart Diaper Bag System

Clic-it Smart Diaper Bag System

If you are an active mom or dad looking to organize everything easier, then the Clic-it Smart Diaper Bag System just might be the product for you. However, though it has become a very popular product as of late, people have been trying to figure out if it is indeed a good product. It has the quick release clip system, a 2-in-1 shoulder strap, a zip-off flap with interior and exterior pockets. This is a very eco-friendly option when it comes to diaper bag systems and the benefits are definitely endless. When I used the bad for my two kids, these are the things that I realized about the product.


• Clic & Connect Organization

This allows for the bag to be very organized and will ensure that everything is in place. This means that you diaper bag will be where you need it to be and the items that you need will always be in the same spot. Organization like this will allow you to know where everything is without having to rummage through your whole bag. When it comes to finding the pacifiers, milk bottles and everything else that you might need, it will all be in organized the bag.

• Convenience

The bag is very convenient and you will be able to quickly detach some accessories from the bag very quickly. All you need is one hand and you will be able to make sure that everything is secure with a single clip. This will guarantee that you do not lose anything important from your bag.

•Clic & Connect Accessories

You will need different accessories on different days and so you should really understand that the Clic-it Smart Diaper Bag System keeps everything organized and this is an amazing benefit.

No matter hat your routine is, you will be able to use the bag for your benefit to ensure that everything runs smoothly on a daily basis.