Spring Craft Ideas For Kids

Spring Craft Ideas For Kids

One great way to get kids excited about the upcoming milder spring months is with fun springtime crafts. Arts and crafts for kids don’t have to be expensive, and they can be a fun way to recycle items that would otherwise be thrown away.

Decorating eggs is a traditional and fun spring craft idea for kids. There are many egg decorating kits available on the market, but these kits are unnecessary. Normal food dye is an inexpensive and effective way to dye eggs. Children also may enjoy carefully painting eggs, or drawing on them with markers or crayons.

Hold on to your empty egg cartons, as they make great craft supplies when creating spring crafts with kids. With Easter approaching, an egg carton is a great way to store and display your hand-painted and dyed Easter eggs, and green paper can be cut into thin strips to create grass to hide the eggs with. Egg cartons can also be made into cars or buses, or can be used to create a special “Easter countdown.”

Instead of throwing away or recycling old magazines and newspapers, save them for your spring crafts. Hold onto old papers, especially sales papers or old school bulletins in bright colors. These magazines and papers can be cut into strips and braided to create an adorable paper basket.

Paper plates can be colored and decorated to look like lady bugs and plastic or paper cups can be cut into “petals” and glued together to create flowers. If you save any potential craft materials in a big box, break everything out on crafts day. Have crayons, markers, tape, glue, glitter and other inexpensive craft supplies on hand. You and your kids are sure to figure out many spring craft ideas that are fun and creative, all using inexpensive and recycled materials!

easy easter crafts

With the Easter holidays just around the corner, there is need for me to look for nice things to excite my kids. The truth is that none can be quite fascinating like the Easter craft for kids. Being a young father, I did not know how to indulge my kids during such a holiday. I therefore went on the net and researched about the best ways to entertain kids during Easter holiday. Definitely, I liked the Easter craft. Here are the crafts liked by my kids.

Bunny ears for kids are one of the most exciting craft activities. Their mode of formation is quite easy. Here are the simple steps. Cut a strip of poster board. Then Cut out two ears out of the poster board. Thereafter, cut out two smaller ears out of a pink construction paper. Glue the pink ears inside the white ears before gluing the ears inside the band to fit into a child’s head. Lastly, tape or staple the band to fit the child well.

The fact is that there are quite a number of Easter crafts. The above is just but an example of how one kind of the crafts is made. By checking on the internet, one is able to learn how to make other designs of Easter crafts. The common crafts to look for are Easter candy holder, Easter bunny candy holder, egg bunny, Easter bunny mask among others.

With all these kinds of crafts, I no longer find it difficult to make my kids jovial throughout the Easter holiday. I therefore recommend the same to all parents with dreams of making their children smile during Easter.

Give Your Child a Dinosaur Themed Bedroom

dinosaur theme bedrooms

What young child doesn’t love dinosaurs? Every young boy has pretended to be a dinosaur or spent countless hours playing with them at one time or another. So why not decorate your child’s room in a dinosaur theme? It’s much easier than you might think and a lot of it could be made at home.

You should start with a dinosaur friendly color of paint. Green and yellow tend to work best but you can get creative with some light shades of tans or blues. It could work just as good in a young girls room as well with some shades of pink or purple.

The next part is definitely the most fun. You can get crafty with some large sheets of construction paper and have your child help you choose the shapes and colors. Cut out all sorts of dinosaur shapes, glue on different colored spots and hang them all around the room. Have fun with the colors and remember that it’s better if they contrast from the walls. You would rather not use constructing paper, then felt and fabric work great. The best part about using fabric is the Different colors and shapes in the pattern really add a lot of fun to the room.

If your really ambitious and handy with a sewing machine you can even create your child’s own custom bed set. However, if you’re like most of us parents, picking out a great dinosaur print bed set with your child at a local department store is probably your best option.

Use many different shapes and colors, have fun with it and most importantly don’t forget to include your child in the design process! They can learn a lot from helping you and it will make them feel more ownership and responsibility in their room.

Race Car Themed Bedroom Ideas

kids bedroom racecar

Every kid has big dreams. Maybe yours wants to be an astronaut or maybe a firefighter. When I was a kid I always wanted to be a race car driver. If that sounds like your child, then read on for some ideas to build them the race car bedroom of their dreams.


What kind of a race would it be without the checkered flag announcing the winner? Get yourself some nice black and white checked fabric and make a simple window treatment or curtains. Do it yourself patterns can be found all over the Internet.


If you’ve ever spent some time pushing around toy cars with your child you would know that a play mat with streets depicted on it is just what your child needs. Incidentally, this may be their favorite part of the project.


Find some great shots of drivers posing with their cars, whether it’s Kasey Kahne or Dale Earnhardt Jr. Everyone has their favorites, and their not-so-favorites, just make sure you choose well for your child’s taste.


There are several companies online now that offer large, often life-sized decals of celebrities from Brad Pitt, to Boba Fett. If your child is a race car fan, imagine how excited he would be to have a huge decal of Lightning McQueen from Disney’s Cars hanging over s bed. Speaking of a bed…


Having been a little boy once myself, I can tell you that you cannot build your child a race car themed bedroom and not include the race car bed. The good news is there are plenty of manufacturers out there with many different styles, shapes, and colors to choose from. Take your time with this one, it will likely be the largest expense involved with this project.

How to Create A Princess Themed Bedroom


Princess themed bedrooms are very popular today, especially with millions of children being able to watch their favorite Disney princesses on DVD or Netflix whenever they want! My little girl loves Belle, whereas my son is more interested in Ariel and Mulan! Many children want to be able to live out their fantasies of becoming a princess and there is no better way to help them do this then to create a fantasy world in their bedroom. This can be a very fun process, and is not difficult to do if you have the right resources. It can also be a great opportunity for you to do a home improvement project that directly involves your kids!

The first step to creating a princess themed bedroom is changing the color of the walls. Simply painting the walls a light pink or lavender, or soft yellow color can change the whole atmosphere of the room. Fantasy-like paintings are also recommended to add the magical touch to the room. White furniture pieces also help add to the royal look as long as you select furniture that features a lot of curves and carvings. Four post beds are often used when creating a princess themed bedroom. A drapery over a headboard adds the finishing touch to this regal room.

A dress up station can encourage your little princess to dress up. An area for that purpose can be as simple as a small table and mirror, or a vanity set complete with a set of princess outfits. The dress up area can also contain an area for jewelry and crowns and tiaras for for any little girl or boy who loves dress-up.

Other small accents can be used to add a royal touch to the rooms. Curtains that are made of silk or velvet are great, affordable accents for the princess room. Glue-on beads, sparkles, crystals, and jewels are also great accents to add. Bejeweling is a very great method of adding glitz to almost any item in the room. A chandelier, or lighting similar, is also another popular accent. This will add a very sophisticated and subtle touch to the princess room, and will make the room so much closer to perfect for your little one.