Easter Craft Ideas For Kids


With the Easter holidays just around the corner, there is need for me to look for nice things to excite my kids. The truth is that none can be quite fascinating like the Easter craft for kids. Being a young father, I did not know how to indulge my kids during such a holiday. I therefore went on the net and researched about the best ways to entertain kids during Easter holiday.

Bunny ears for kids are one of the most exciting craft activities. Here are the simple steps. Cut a strip of poster board. Then, cut out two ears out of the poster board, and cut out another two smaller ears out of a pink construction paper. Glue the pink ears inside the white ears before gluing the ears inside the band to fit into a child’s head. Lastly, tape or staple the ears to the band to fit the child well.

The fact is that there are quite a number of Easter crafts. By checking on the internet, one is able to learn how to make other designs of Easter crafts. The common crafts to look for are Easter candy holder, Easter bunny candy holder, egg bunny, Easter bunny mask among others.

With all these kinds of crafts, I no longer find it difficult to make my kids happy throughout the Easter holiday. I therefore recommend the same to all parents with dreams of making their children smile during Easter.

Fun Ideas for a Kids Easter Egg Hunt


As the Easter holiday approaches children start to think of items often associated with the holiday such as large chocolate bunnies, coloring eggs and of course…an Easter Egg Hunt. But before you simply scatter the eggs over your yard, here are some fun ideas that put a new twist on an old tradition.

Clue Hunt

Use clues to lead children to their Easter basket. First, write out clues in sequential order and place them inside plastic Easter eggs. Next, hide clues in that same order around your yard. Finally, place the Easter Egg basket where the final clue tells the children to look. For younger children keep the clues simple such as easy directives. For older children use tough clues such as riddles to make the game more fun.

Incorporate a Pinata

At the end of a regular Easter Egg hunt, cap the even by offering the children a chance to whack a pinata for more Easter candy! This is a great game for a large gathering of children as they’ll each get to take turns striking the pinata and then have one last chance to collect as much candy as they can!

Prize Eggs

Place special “prize eggs” throughout the Easter Egg hunt. For example, purchase 5 golden chocolate Easter eggs and spread them randomly through the hunt. If a child retrieves that egg and shows it to a staff member running the event, they get a large prize such as a giant chocolate Easter Bunny!

Timed Colored Egg Hunt

Create a contest amongst the children to see who can collect the most Easter eggs in a given amount of time. Each child is assigned a color that they must retrieve. The child who gets the most eggs of his color receives a prize such as an Easter basket filled with candy.

If you and your family have a great time with one of these new Easter egg hunt twists, then you can make a tradition for years to come!


How to Make Your Kid’s Room Jungle Themed

jungle themed room kids

Bring some excitement to a child’s room by transforming it into a jungle theme. Jungle animals and plants are bright and colorful for an fun space. The unisex theme is appropriate for either a boy or a girl. You can even make a jungle theme nursery for your little newborn monkey. Jungle themed rooms don’t have to be expensive when you put some planning into what you want accomplished in the space.

Add jungle theme paint colors to the walls to brighten the room. Sky blue is a good all over color for the walls if you want only one color of paint. Use jungle green, or Kelly green, on the lower two-thirds of the wall at the chair rail point for a more dramatic jungle effect. Add painted palm trees and vines if you know someone with artistic painting skills. You can also buy wall decals in a jungle theme to add monkeys, trees and vines without having to paint them.

Buy custom furniture in the shape of jungle animals or palm trees to continue with the theme. A lower cost option is to purchase plain children’s furniture and paint it in the jungle colors of green, yellow and blue. Add small jungle decals to the backs and seats of the chairs and the top of a small table. Paint the bed headboard in the same jungle colors and add some decals or paint jungle images. Apply a layer of polyurethane to protect the surface and decals for years of enjoyment. Don’t forget that a jungle theme lamp and figurines on shelves pulls the room together. You can make a lampshade for an existing lamp using jungle theme fabric.

Purchase or sew a jungle print bedspread and pillow covers. Make large floor pillows with the same fabric used for the bedspread, or purchase a jungle print sheet set and use that to make the pillows. Jungle animal shaped pillows are a fun accent to add to the bed, or on a small sitting chair in the room.

Add as little or as much of a jungle theme to the room as your budget allows. This theme is fun to explore and the final decorating project will bring joy to your child.

Power Wheels 6 Volt Volkswagen Beetle Ride-On

My son loves his Power Wheels 6 Volt Volkswagen Beetle Ride-On. As any parent knows, kids love to feel like a grown-up and having a car they can drive themselves gives them just that feeling. It’s the first thing my son asks to play with each morning and the last toy he plays with each night.

There are many ride-ons available out there. It may seem like petty reasoning, but I didn’t see the point buying some monster truck or gas-guzzling Hummer when I try to set an environmentally conscious example for my little guy. The Volkswagen Beetle Ride-On was the perfect solution.

It has all the fun features of its less eco-friendly counterparts. The doors open easily and the single foot pedal operation is a cinch for my three year-old. It maxes out at a safe 2.5 miles per hour, has forward and reverse gears, power lock brakes and comes with the 6-volt battery and charger. The sticker graphics add to the realistic feel of this car. The Volkswagen Beetle also comes in a Barbie design if you are shopping for a girl.

The Volkswagen Beetle Ride-On is made by Power Wheels,a trusted name in children’s vehicles for more than 40 years. Power Wheels is made by Fisher Price, another dependable and trusted source of innovative and entertaining children’s toys. Each Ride-On is thoroughly tested for durability and safety in Fisher Price labs and in-home testing and comes with a limited Bumper-to-Bumper one year warranty.

I highly recommend the Volkswagen Beetle Ride-On if your little girl or boy is fascinated by driving, loves playing outdoors and enjoys feeling independent. Plus, choosing an eco-friendly car helps us as parents think we are doing our little part in shaping our child’s view of transportation in the future. Enjoy and happy riding!

Painting Easter Eggs with Children


Some of the best memories a parent and their children can have, are of the times when the eggs are being hard boiled and the Easter egg dye kit is brought out, for that annual Easter Egg coloring session. Kids can invite friends over to participate in a very creative pastime, just before an even more satisfying Easter Sunday ritual of finding that Easter basket stuffed with goodies and the results of the Easter Egg coloring efforts.

Some of the most original ideas can be developed in these Spring time coloring sessions with hard boiled eggs. For sure, it is not necessary to use dyes when the coloring set is available. Crayons can be used to make faces on eggs as well as color sections of the egg, to the heart’s content of many pre schoolers. The older children can warm the water and dissolve the dye tablets for coloring in a variety of bowls. Techniques for dipping eggs in multiple colors can be attempted. With kids together, a contest will soon ensue to see who makes the most outrageously beautiful shades and color schemes.

After the kids have made several eggs with with a variety of colors on them in the dipping bowls, paint pens with metallic silver and gold shades can be used to add accents to the eggs, giving them the appearance of being laced with gold and sliver leaf. Another tool for the kids to use is a BioPen, which can spray a multitude of colored speckles on a solid colored egg.

The rule of thumb is just to let the imagination run wild and experiment with colors, always being careful not to drop the eggs, as the shell will crack and spoil the beauty of the egg. Certainly the eggs can be eaten after being put in various Easter baskets on Easter Sunday.

Winter Craft Ideas for Children

Crafts winter kids

There are many winter craft ideas for children that are also eco-Friendly. They can do projects that will help feed the wildlife during the winter months or repurpose items that could have otherwise ended up in the trash. Two of the best craft ideas and the instructions listed below. They are sure to keep the kids happy and occupied on those blustery winter nights.

The first craft project it to make simple bird feeders. There are great on several levels. They teach the kids how to use things from nature and they will get to see the birds enjoy their hard work. To get started they will need to pick out a few good sized pinecones from outside. If there are none, this can be done using a bundle of twigs tied together.

Next, they will need some recycled or natural twine. Have them tie it to one end of the pinecone to be able to hang it outside. Then, they will spread natural peanut butter all over the cone and roll it in bird seeds. Last, help them hang it in a tree near a winder so they can see the birds eating.

Another great eco-friendly winter craft project is to grow an herb garden inside. This will require the use of empty cans that have been cleaned and dried. The type of cans that works best are the kinds that once held food products such as peas or corn. Other supplies include: paper, tape, stickers, ribbon, and any other decorative embellishments, plus organic soil and herb seeds.

Help the kids cover the cans with colored construction paper and tape into place. Then, let them decorate the covered cans and fill with the soil. Last, have them make a hole in the soil, drop in the seeds and cover with more soil. Place them in a sunny window and water as needed. The kids will enjoy waiting for the first sprout to pop up.

A Disney Princess Bedroom Design

disney princess bedroom

It can be a very intricate process when it comes to organizing and decorating a child’s room to suit their current tastes. Whether that is a current television program or movie, or just a general symbol of one of their favorite things, finding all of the pieces to tie the room together can prove to be tricky. However, there are subjects for this decorating that are plentiful and easy to find. A Disney princess bedroom design is a prime example of this.

The thing that people often do not realize when it comes to really decorating their child’s room, is that there are plenty of options for customization along the way. Consider this particular subject matter, the Disney princess, and appreciate the number of these characters there actually are.

With the popularity of these princesses, and even more being added to the fold all the time, it can be very difficult not to see products you could use to decorate with. Window shears and curtains, bed sets, area rugs, and posters are just a few examples of readily available items.

The question is, would you be able to spot these characters if you saw them in your local superstore or department store? The classics haven’t changed. You will still see classic characters like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Perhaps you might not be familiar with two new additions often seen with these classics, Aurora from Princess and the Frog and Rapunzel from the popular computer animated film Tangled.

Perhaps you can pull this entire room together piece by piece, comprised of different elements and products from various stores. Or, if you want to save yourself some time and effort, you can simply look to the Disney website to offer you some of the latest and greatest in design options for your little princess’s room.


Making a homemade volcano is a sure way to bust the boredom on a day when school is out. Your kids may at first balk at making a project that they consider educational, but once they see the volcano spew, they will be asking to make more.

Here are a few points to remember before beginning:
This exercise is quite messy and should always be performed outdoors or in a well covered area indoors (use a large tarp). Safety goggles should be worn by younger children who may be tempted to get too close to the explosion.

Before you begin making your volcano, you will need to prepare the lava solution. This can easily be made with household ingredients. An empty clear plastic soda bottle is ideal for mixing the ingredients. In the soda bottle, put about ¼ cup of vinegar, ¼ cup of water and just a few drops of dish detergent. You can add a few drops of red food coloring if you want to make the lava look red hot. Swirl this gently to mix the ingredients.

The next thing that you will want to do is to make your volcano. This can be made out of clay, paper mache, or even dirt. When you decide upon your building substance, create a mound around the soda bottle. Try using rocks or grass to make your volcano look more realistic. Build completely to the top of the soda bottle.

When your creation is complete, put about a tablespoon of baking soda on a small square of tissue. Use the corners of the tissue to wrap the baking soda into the shape of a small capsule. When all of the young geologists are ready, simply drop the baking soda capsule down into the opening of the soda bottle. Within seconds, your volcano will be erupting. Enjoy!

Make Your Own Non-Toxic Play Dough

homemade play dough

When I need something to entertain kids on a rainy day, I like to make my own non-toxic play dough. It’s simple and uses ingredients I keep in my kitchen.

My favorite recipe comes from the “Kiddin Around” website: It uses just three ingredients: baking soda, corn starch, and water. I mix together 1 cup baking soda, ½ cup corn starch, and ¾ cups water in a sauce pan.

If I want to color my play dough, I add food coloring or a packet of unsweetened drink mix. I mix well, and then heat over medium heat, stirring constantly until the mixture gathers. I prefer to use a wire whisk to stir to break up lumps. I remove the mixture from the heat and allow it to cool. Then I kneed it to the texture I want. I prefer to leave play dough uncolored as it leaves less mess for me to clean. My other preferred recipe (also on the “Kiddin Around” website) uses salt, flour, and water.

This recipe does not require cooking, but dries out more quickly so it’s great for quick play dough, but not for multiple uses. I mix together one-fourth cup of salt with one cup of flour. When these are thoroughly mixed, I add 1/4 cup of water. I kneed the mixture until I have the consistency I want. I add more water as needed. Again, I add food coloring or drink mix if I wish to color my play dough.

If I store the play dough in an airtight container, it does not dry out as quickly and my kids can use it more than once. If I want to preserve my kids’ creations, I leave them out to air dry. They can paint their air dried creations another day.

Teaching Kids How To Recycle


Recycling items in our ‘throw it away’ mentality society can be a struggle to learn for adults and children. Teaching kids how to recycle at an early age will help nurture the ‘recycling’ thought mentality that stays with them throughout their adulthood. Naturally the parents will need to have ‘recycling’ as a priority for their lives and be an example; because kids learn by the way they see adults act.

The schools and educators have been practicing ‘recycling’ for years in the public schools. However it is important for the children to also practice the habit of recycling at home too. There are some basic items such as newspapers, plastic or tin cans that can be separated from regular trash and placed into their own containers. There are companies that will pay by the weight for aluminum cans, steel or iron.

Organizations like Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H Clubs, Boys & Girls Clubs have all created recycling programs to make teaching kids how to recycle easier. Collecting the aluminum cans helps create a fund raiser activity and gets the whole community involved. Recycling the aluminum cans helps raise money for supplies, badges and camping or exploration trips.

Teaching kids how to recycle materials is helping the future generations. By teaching and instilling the value and the reason to recycle to our children, the skill of recycling will stay with them throughout life and just become second nature to them. The earth’s resources are being used today at a high pace and if the children of tomorrow are going to have the resources to live, teaching kids how to recycle must be a priority today.