Wishbone Wooden Bike

wishbone wooden kids bike

We fell in love with the look of the Wishbone Bikes the second we set eyes on their unique and modern design! Once we did a little digging about where the bikes come from and the care that goes into making them, we were sold! These awesome kids bikes were designed in New Zealand to be super kid-friendly as well as totally eco-friendly. The Wishbone Bike is made with 60% recycled plastic wheels and sustainably harvested wood. Aside from that, this bike actually grows with your little one, starting at tricycle level, and adjusting as your child learns to ride two-wheels.

Here are the specifications of the Wooden Wishbone Bike:
Adjustable seat height – 11”-18” with a low weight of 8 lb 4oz
Features and Benefits:
Starts as a tricycle, converts to running bike
Bike box is made of recycled wood and non-toxic inks – Earth and kid safe
Features 12” pneumatic tires
Meets current US, EU, Australian and New Zealand safety standards

Keeping the Nursery Cool in Hot Weather


Babies sleep most comfortably in a nursery that is heated to between 16 degrees C and 20 degrees C. During very warm weather, that temperature can be hard to regulate. Here are some tips on keeping the nursery cool enough for your little one.

Your baby doesn’t need all that unnecessary bedding. It is recommended by pediatricians that a baby wearing a diaper and onesie will only need a sheet as bedding if the temperature in his room is 24 degrees C.

Take out any padding around the baby’s crib to allow the air to circulate. If you use a waterproof sheet, consider removing it while the weather is hot.

Fans are great for circulating air, but never point them right at your baby. Turn the fan on before your baby’s bedtime to allow the room time to cool down.

Eco-Friendly Twin Bed by Nurseryworks

Eco-Friendly Twin Bed by Nurseryworks

The Duet Twin Bed by Nurseryworks comes with a large number of appealing options, which gives parents and their children the chance to customize a sleeping and nursery solution that will fit any family’s needs for utility and style. The bed will look great in a modern, or a classic kids room or nursery, and it’s well built, so it will last and will maintain its strength for old and younger kids.