Chocolate Walden Bunk Bed


We are loving the classic look and well-made craftsmanship of the Walden Bunk Bed. It’s timeless design and understated look will fit right into your kids room, and will last throughout their childhood. This bed is solidly built and beautifully finished and features a slat roll foundation that provides secure support for a mattress. Rest easy knowing that your kids are safe because this bed comes with two guardrails and a ladder (ladder can be placed on either side) so that your tots won’t be falling out in the middle of the night!

Fisher Price Sing-A-Ma-Jig


Fisher Price has a hot new toy out, just in time for Christmas. The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs are considered one of the most popular christmas gifts for kids this year, so get yours while they are still in stock. These toys are recommended for ages three years to six years. However plenty of people over six are playing with these toys.

There are several different types of Sing-A-Ma-Jigs. Each have their own personality and sing their own song. They come in many different colors, Red, Purple, Orange,Light Blue, Yellow and Mint Green. Sing-A-Ma-Jigs will sing or chatter when you press their belly. S They sing and harmonize together. You can purchase a Sing-A-Ma-Jig separately, as a couple or all together.

NERF N-Strike Stampede ECS Blaster


This thing is insane. I want to build a time-machine, just so I can go back to my childhood with one of these, and take over the neighborhood.

The front grip of the NERF N-Strike Stampede ECS Blaster converts to a bipod and you just release the clip and squeeze the trigger, and the gun unloads the clips at a rate of about 3 per second. According to Nerf, this is the first fully automatic clip system blaster to date. Clips on average travel as far as 50 feet. You get 3 clips that hold 18 bullets each plus you get a 6 round. In total, the package comes with 60 darts.
The NERF gun is pretty heavy (takes 6 D batteries) so its probably best for a kid over 8 years old.

Fisher-Price iXL

fisher price ixl

This is going to be one of the hottest toys for kids this Christmas. It’s like an iPad for kids!

Fisher-Price’s iXL is a learning tool for childred that lets them read interactively, draw, look at pictures and play games. There are six programs that come with the iXL: story book, game player, music player, art studio, note book, and photo album. The story book reads out loud and lights up words as they go along; the note book helps kids practice their handwriting by providing upper case letters to trace; the art studio offers easy options for drawing with brushes or stamps on a variety of cartoon backgrounds.

And just like an iPad/iPhone, more programs will be downloadable in months following launch. New programs, as well as music files and pictures, can be loaded via USB or with the built-in SD card slot.The iXL became available in October for $79.99

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks

tegu blocks

We love these Tugu magnetic wooden blocks! They are the perfect eco-friendly gift for kids this holiday season. These aren’t just wooden stacking blocks. Tegu blocks have within them safely hidden magnets. These tiny magnets allow kids to create super cool structures that look amazing!

The wood used at Tegu is sourced from small-scale FSC-certified woodcutting cooperatives supported by international NGOs focused on sustainable forestry. Wood suppliers have the requisite legal permits from the Honduran governmental forestry agency (ICF) and oversight from international NGOs. Tegu is also currently developing relationships with cooperatives in the Biosfera Rio Platano, Honduras’ largest deciduous forest, who partner with GTZ and Rainforest Alliance.

Blocks come in a natural finish that are water-based and non-toxic.


Your baby will look absolutely adorable in this organic cotton candy cane striped onesie this holiday season. This cute little knit striped onepiece features a full button front and snap leg openings. And to amp up the cuteness even more, they’ve added some mitten-shaped back patch pockets which we think make the perfect final touch.

Eco Racers


Perfect for kids ages 3 and up, these adorable and eco-friendly little race cars will be a hit in your house this christmas. Sporty, streamlined wooden cars are made of eco-friendly bamboo materials. The cars feature racecar-inspired elements like racing stripes, roll bars and oversized wheels for non-stop fun at playtime. These awesome little racers come in blue, green or red, all of which are non-toxic.