Kids Soothing Packs

kids soothing packs

Bucky’s Woopsies Kids Soothing Packs come in six unique and friendly personalities who offer discomfort relief. These soothing packs are made with a machine washable bamboo terrycloth cover and premium whole buckwheat seed filling. They can be warmed in the microwave or chilled in the freezer, and the smiling faces and bright colors will take kids’ minds off the achy tummy or bruised knee.

How to have a Green Halloween

how to have a green halloween

Putting together a green Halloween is as easy as an orange and black one. Here are ten tips for an earth-friendly holiday.
1. If you’re having a party, E-mail party invites rather than snail-mail them. Get the kids involved and search the Internet for their own party invites.
2. Serve healthy and seasonal foods, like pumpkin, squash and in-season apples.
3. Buy pumpkins, apples and other seasonal items from a farmer’s market.
4. Make use of all pumpkin parts. After carving a pumpkin, make sure to save the seeds and roast them for a delicious treat. If possible, bury or compost your pumpkin carcass. Check out pumpkin the burial rituals at pumpkin craving 101, to “lay your pumpkin to rest with love and dignity.”
5. Use re-usable plates, cups, utensils, napkins and tablecloths if you plan to have festive party.
6. Make your own costume or buy one at a second-hand shop. Kids will love the creativity and quality time spent putting together silly costumes of their own.
7. Give out healthy treats. Some suggestions are organic popcorn, honey sticks, fruit leather and even healthy candy bars.
8. Instead of using paper or plastic disposable bags to collect treats, use or buy a recyclable bag.
9. Teach your children well. Teach them not to litter.
10. Experience nature. Visit a pumpkin farm!

recycled cardboard kids playhouse

This kids eco toy is especially great for a number of reasons. It’s made from recycled cardboard, which also means you can recycle it when you’re done with it. It’s easy to assemble, complete with slots to put each piece into place. So you can re-use, re-flat pack and fold away ready for the next adventure. And it’s ready to be customized with paint, crayons or stickers. This Recycled Cardboard Kids Playhouse is the perfect eco friendly toy for home or garden.

Kids Recycled Truck

kids recycled truck

This toy is pretty amazing. The “Sprig Discover Rig” is a kids recycled truck, and is the new generation eco toy: it requires no batteries and is made with reclaimed plastic and recycled wood from Canada! This Recycled Truck is powered by the movement of the child playing with it; it lights up and plays sounds and stories; is genuinely interactive and entertaining. It also encourages kids to be active and moving, pushing around the truck to activate lights and stories. Made of a super durable and eco friendly bio-material called Sprigwood, created from reclaimed plastic and recycled wood, the Sprig Discover Rig is completely recyclable at the end of its life. Two thumbs up for this toy!

Pure Silk Baby Blankets

pure silk baby blankets

The silk used for this blanket comes from the most eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical silk available. 100% Pure woven Silk Baby Blankets are simply the best you can buy for your child. These beautiful blankets are similar to cashmere in appearance and just as soft.
The naturally breathable silk adapts to baby’s body temperature. This creates a microclimate which keeps them warm in winter and fresh in summer, promoting a healthy nights sleep all year round. The health properties of wild silk are endless. Pure wild silk blankets are naturally anti-dustmite and totally anti-allergenic, making them the best choice for a heathly baby. The perfect eco gift for all babies.

Funny Piggy Bank

funny piggy bank

These Funny Piggy Banks make saving fun. Though constructed of plastic, these piggy banks are durable and solid. A coin slot on the top and a screw plug on bottom makes it easy to access money and each funny piggy bank comes well packaged in a cute coordinating box.
I think this bank would make a great gift and you can choose from many different colours and styles to suit all the kids on your list.

kids large interlocking blocks

The sky is the limit with this Kids Large Interlocking Blocks set. Constructed from a heavy-weight cardboard that is completely child-safe and 100% recyclable, the YooDo Large Scale Construction kit is a modern twist on traditional building blocks. The individual interlocking pieces can be reconfigured to be a fort, a playhouse, a unique sculpture or whatever your child’s imagination can think of.

Paul Frank Log Rocker

paul frank log rocker

Inspired by a log, this Paul Frank Log Rocker is just as strong as its inspiration. The designer’s timeless style and innovative thinking are clear in this beautiful product. Two kids can seesaw on this rocker, back to back or doubling like on a bicycle. Pretend it’s a school bus picking up students or pretend you’re flying a little wooden airplane. Whatever it is, we’re sure your kids will imagine it.

Large Stuffed Tiger

large stuffed tiger

This beautifully realistic animal is built extra-strong, but soft-to-the-touch and completely huggable. It’s amazing life-like details are sure to make it the center of attention in your little one’s room. This stuffed tiger is sure to capture the interest of your child for years to come.

Organic Stuffed Owl

organic stuffed owl

Following on the success of DwellStudio’s adult collections, the baby collection was launched in 2002. Since its beginning as a premiere collection of crib bedding, the line has grown to include crib accessories, stuffed animals, bibs, towels, and stroller accessories — and prevails as the unique, modern voice in today’s baby market. This Organic Stuffed Owl is soft to the touch and you can collect all of it’s organic friends as well!