Kids Animal Farm Wallpaper

kids animal farm wallpaper

I love that wallpaper is making a comeback and now you can find all sorts of cool patterns. Plus wallpaper has changed over the years. WallSmart is a new generation of non-woven wallpaper that is easier and faster to hang. WallSmart is designed for easy hanging, and is more flexible to hang than traditional paper quality wallpaper. Kids Animal Farm Wallpaper features an animal farm design.

Chewbacca Wall Graphic

chewbacca wall graphic

Wow. This is cool! The life-size and life-like Chewbacca wall graphic is made of hyper-durable vinyl that’s easy to put up, safe for walls and complements the decor of any man cave, office, den, living room, bedroom – well, just about any room. It’s NOT a poster, sticker, decal, cardboard cutout, wallpaper, mural, cartoon, appliqué or illustration – although it is a form of art. A REAL BIG work of art! Move it as often as you like, just place and stick.

Judaica Learning Puzzle

judaica learning puzzle

Learning about Jewish culture can be a fun experience for the whole family, with the Judaica Learning Puzzle. It teaches children about Jewish culture while also improving problem-solving skills. This colorful floor puzzle is easy to assemble and would make a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

GearUp Retro Style Alarm Clock

gearup retro style alarm clock

This kids cool alarm clock is made of plastic, metal and paper. Kids will totally love that they can see what is going on in the GearUp Retro Style Alarm Clock. This multi-coloured retro style mechanical alarm clock is a great gift for any kid that has ever asked “How does that work?” GearUp line of unique timepieces pays homage to the intricate beauty of gears in motion.

Kids Disc Swing

kids disc swing

The very cool shooting star Kids Disc Swing helps to build core body strength while riding a shooting star! Picture them gliding through the air on this disc swing with rope chain. Event the big kids can ride!

Kids Glider Swing

kids glider swing

Have twice as much fun! Two children can play at once on this Kids Glider Swing. For use on any wooden play set, this will be a welcome addition to any Gorilla Playset!

Knitted Lambswool Doggie

knitted lambswool doggie

Crafted of knitted lambswool and designed by Donna Wilson, who graduated from Grays School of Art in Scotland. An oddly loveable and charming lambswool doll, that is both eccentric and irresistible all at the same time. Check out this Knitted Lambswool Doggie’s friends too!

Multi-Colored Finger Puppets

multi colored finger puppets

Kids love finger puppets so let their imagination run wild with these witty and fashionable toys. Delight your baby with the adorable Multi- Colored Finger Puppets from Dwellstudio. Sold together in sets of five, this lively bunch of animals including a bear, bunny, moose, owl and racoon, are just the right size for you and your little ones fingers.

Floating Animals Bath Set

floating animals bath set

Bath time doesn’t have to be a chore when you’ve got great toys like these Floating Animals Bath Set toys! With this set, children enhance their creative thinking and imaginative skills! Youngsters can experiment by matching pieces to create their favorite animals, or mixing and matching to invent their own. With animal tiles that float on water and stick to bathroom tiles when wet, bath time has never been more fun!

Floating Home Bath Toy

floating home bath toy

Brightly illustrated shapes including home, car, shrubbery, people and pets make bath time the most fun! Enhances motor skills and develops creativity and problem solving skills!