Wooden Tike Trike

wooden tike trike

This cute little Wooden Tike Trike is made of wood, and vegetable-based paints have been used so you can rest assure that what your child is playing with is safe. This Wooden Tike Trike is for ages one year old and up and was designed in Italy.

Svan Scooter

svan scooter

If you’re familiar with the classic Scandinavian style of the Svan Chair, now there is as a ride-on toy just like it for your child. The sculpted curves of the bent birch wood Svan Scooter provide a safe and sturdy seat. Children push the Svan Scooter along with their feet helping them develop a sense of balance, physical fitness, and coordination while the abstract shape allows them to use their imaginations. The Svan Scooter can be anything their hearts desire.

Wooden Mini Garage

wooden mini garage

There is a plastic version of this toy that I recall when I was a child. This one is better! I love that Wonderworld uses natural wood for their high quality wooden toys. This Wooden Mini Garage features a little car elevator that moves from floor to floor. It’s not automatic, but neat just the same. These toys are perfect gifts for a child! Plus, Wonderworld’s toys are made from environmentally friendly rubberwood, non-toxic water-based paints and biodegradable fabrics.

Wooden Veggie Play Food Set

wooden veggie play food set

This Wooden Veggie Play Food Set has colorful vegetables and play wooden knife. It helps your child to recognize shape, color and wide variety of vegetables. Your child can pretend to cut open the pre-cut vegetables with a knife! These Wooden Veggie Play Food Sets are made from environmentally friendly rubberwood and non-toxic water-based paints too. Fun!

ecotots Art Easel

ecotots art easel

Constructed of 100% formaldehyde-free birch plywood and eco-friendly, non-toxic, water-based stains, this ecotots Art Easel is perfect for the budding young artist and environmentalist. Chalk, crayons, finger paints and even the terrible two’s, this Art Easel will stand up to everything your toddler can throw at it. Comes in cool colours like cherry red and leaf green!

wooden breakfast play foods tray

When I see toys like the Wooden Breakfast Play Foods Tray, I definitely want to be little again. Just for an excuse to play with pretend wooden food. This Breakfast Tray features multicoloured expertly crafted wooden foods that you may find as part of a breakfast meal.
It is a perfect gift for any child. Also, the pieces are made from environmentally friendly rubberwood, non-toxic water-based paints and biodegradable fabrics.

Guidecraft Tactile Bars Touch Toy

guidecraft tactile bars touch toy

We love reviewing Guidecraft products. They are so innovative yet simple toys. This interactive tactile game consists of two wooden bars and nine textured pieces. This game strengthens tactile perception, concentration, cooperation, and promotes healthy, positive, non-aggressive contact. An activity guide is included, but your children can use their own imaginations by making up their own games with these tactile bars.

guidecraft high rise step stool

Guidecraft makes educational toys and furnishings and have excellent customer service. This Guidecraft High Rise Step Stool makes accessing counters and sinks easy and fun for toddlers! Constructed of birch plywood with a natural lustre finish, this sturdy step stoolprovides hand holds to assist in climbing up and down, side panels and textured, non-slip stair treads for your child’s safety.

vitra porcupine desk

Recently I came across this desk design from Vitra and was intrigued. The Vitra Porcupine Desk provides children with a perfect place to play or draw. The table surface shows a printed motif resembling a charm bracelet, with animal shapes and other symbols attached to a chain link circle. Some of the links in the chain are bored through the tabletop, so that colored markers supplied with the desk can be stored in the holes. Very imaginative. Includes a set of high quality felt-tip pens!

Orange and Fuchsia Silk Blanket

orange and fuchsia silk blanket

I really love this Orange and Fuchsia Silk Blanket/Coverlet. I love the colour combinations to choose from, and silk is the ultimate eco friendly and natural fabric. A perfect feature defining bold colors and attention to detail, plus it’s reversible. Snuggle up with this gorgeous embroidered silk coverlet from Koko Company. Not just for kids!