Puzzle Carpet

puzzle carpet

One part puzzle, one part carpet, the Puzzle Carpet from Magis will stimulate your child’s mind and at the same time provide a colorful, soft carpet to sit on. Inspired by nature, the Puzzle Carpet’s fresh color palette is available in sand, grass or water colors. Made with a soft, yet durable fabric, this carpet is made to withstand the wear and tear of any active child. Bring a taste of the outdoors into your child’s bedroom and turn a boring old carpet into something fun and functional!

Rainbow Sound Blocks

rainbow sound blocks

Winner of the Silver Practical Pre-School Award in 2006, the Rainbow Sound Blocks from Wonderworld is an educational toy with endless fun. Babies will learn sorting, matching, and association skills. With the variety of different colored blocks your baby will learn to see the world in different colors. The Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Blocks are comprised of wood and transparent multi-colored plastic, and are filled with rattling beads that produce different tones when shaken. This dynamic toy will have your child loving the exciting sounds it makes and admiring the beautiful natural wood colors.

Classic Wooden Toy Storage Shelving

classic wooden toy storage shelving

The Classic Wooden Toy Storage Shelving from Oeuf is an inventive storage system designed just for kids. With easy-to-reach bins that lay flat and turn, your children will be happy to pitch in and clean up. Available in birch or walnut finish, the dividers are removable, so you can store items of all different sizes, from the smallest Lego to oversize puzzle pieces. Reminiscent of those classic grocery stores of yesterday, this eye-catching piece looks perfect in any room. This wooden storage shelving unit also boasts an environmentally friendly construction -it’s made from MDF recovered wood fibers.

Sustainable Wood Folding Bassinet

sustainable wood folding bassinet

Hand-crafted from sustainable Radiata pine, and stained with water-based biodegradable finishes, the Sustainable Wood Folding Bassinet boasts many features. The set comes with a 100% unbleached, all natural cotton bassinet bag and fitted sheet, trimmed with an eco-dyed veil. Also, the natural fiber New Zealand wool mattress is covered in 100% unbleached cotton which proudly boasts 0% formaldehyde emissions. Bassinet folds flat for easy storage.

Organic Cotton Crib Mattress Pad

organic cotton crib mattress pad

This Organic Cotton Crib Mattress Pad is made from 100% certified organic quilted cotton. Your baby will sleep safely in this environmentally safe, yet wonderfully luxurious fabric from NettoCollection. You will sleep soundly knowing that NettoCollection are an eco-friendly company that uses only sustainably harvested wood, and all their composite materials meet stringent European toxicity standards. Lastly, their finishes are non-toxic and non-VOC emitting.

U.S. Army Pedal Patrol Airplane

us army pedal patrol airplane

Made of heavy gauge steel, this pedal plane is both industrial-strength strong and attractive! Features include a chrome windshield, steering wheel, hubcaps, exhaust ports, hood scoops, and propeller. When the plane is in motion, the propeller even turns! The U.S. Army Patrol Pedal Airplane was inspired by the famous 1941 Steelcraft U.S. Army Patrol Plane and is perfect for all those little pilots who wants to help save the world by keeping the skies safe.

Kids 44 Key String Baby Grand Piano in Red

kids 44 key string baby grand piano in red

Coinciding with its 135th anniversary, Schoenhut® Piano Company proudly introduces a line of mid-sized, 44-key, stringed pianos with perfect pitch and true piano sound! This beautiful, elegant Kids 44 Key String Baby Grand Piano in Red is ideal for ages 3 and up. The piano’s mid-size may help your child feel more confident playing a piano thats “just his / her size”, and as a result is less intimidating. This piano is available separately in Black, Red and White.

Kids 25 Key Cat Piano & Bench

kids 25 key cat piano bench

Available in Lavender, Pink, Red, Blue and Green, this award winning Kids 25 Key Cat Piano & Bench is cleverly designed, durable and definitely well built. A removable color strip fits behind keys for play – by – color teaching method and there are adult – sized keys which helps your child learn proper “finger stretch”. Also included is a song book combined to create a fantastic patented learning system that has been designed to build a child’s confidence and develop basic playing skills. Beautiful design paired with educational function, the Kids 25 Key Cat Piano & Bench is a must have in any home!

Baby’s First Toy Instrument Collection

babys first toy instrument collection

Ideal for one or more children, this Baby’s Toy Instrument Set is the perfect gift to celebrate your little one’s first birthday! The set includes a delightful assortment of beginner toy musical instruments like a baby maraca, mini rainboshaker, bells, and mini sea sound drum and rattle. The Baby’s Toy Instrument Set has everything needed for hours of stimulating play for a single child or play group.

Kid’s Striped Tambourine

kids striped tambourine

For ages 5 and up, your budding little musician will be able to polish their musical skills early with Kid’s Striped Tambourine. Part of a collection of musical instruments including everything from harmonicas to shaker eggs, each instrument is sure to not only help develop a sense of musical timing, but is great fun as well! Made of wood, this tambourine comes attractively shrink-wrapped in wood crate.