Cub Children’s Cork Chair

cub childrens chair

Handmade by Daniel Michalik, Brooklyn, NY, these childrens’ cork chairs are made completely from cast cork, which produces a dense, interesting texture that’s fabulous looking and interesting to the eyes and hands of young children. The chair is made of pure granulated cork (reclaimed waste material from the bottle-stopper industry), and a non-toxic and ecologically-sound binding agent.

baby yoga pants

Available in teal, coral, black, natural, red, sunflower, pumpkin and olive, these versatile yoga pants are the perfect addition to your baby or toddler’s wardrobe. Made from light weight and vibrantly colorful 100% organic rib cotton with a drawstring waist for easy dressing.

Solar Powered Helicopter Toy

solar powered helicopter

The solar model helipcopter teaches your little ones how energy from the sun can provide electrical power. These models work without using batteries or burning fuel. You can see how solar power can provide clean and free energy. Give your children an eco-friendly educational solar powered helicopter toy and let them experience the science and wonderful benefits of solar power.

Cardboard Playhouse Castle

cardboard castle playhouse

This awesome playhouse castle is large enough for little kids to play in and out of, to decorate and make their own, and best of all it is totally recyclable and ecologically friendly. Cardboard playhouses provide hours and hours of active fun and play! Made from eco-friendly corrugated cardboard which is fully Reusable, Recyclable & Bio-degradable, this cardboard castle playhouse is a great idea for getting your kid’s outside playing and getting exercise.

bamboo baby tshirt

This super cute bamboo baby tee is very soft and perfect as a layering item, it will keep your baby cosy on cool days and cool and dry on hot days. Bamboo is an eco-friendly, sustainable fabric that regulates temperature exceptionally well. Bamboo grows proliferously without the need of human intervention and chemicals. It creates clothing that is as soft as cashmere with an amazingly soft texture.


The LOrganic Cotton Baby and Child Quilted Duvet is made of 100% skal certified organic cotton inside and out. The inner core is made of soft organic cotton fleece, and the stitching keeps the filling evenly distributed and the duvet easy to handle. Since the entire quilt is made from organic cotton, the duvet can be machine washed hung dried or tumble dried on gentle settings. A wonderful idea for organic baby or kids bedding.

Organic Lambswool Baby Blanket


This warm and natural 100% Organic Merino Lambswool Blanket is light, cosy and warm. The natural fibres allow the natural circulation of air and the dispelling of moisture so that children and babies don’t get too warm and the temperature is regulated. Completely free of any synthetic fibres or chemicals, lambswool is self cleaning so the blanket is simple to care for.


The pure flannelette organic crib bed sheets from Natural Mat are made from a fine brushed cotton. This type of cotton is warm and cozy for your baby and you can rest easy knowing that your baby is sleeping on warm flannel. These bed sheets are organic and not treated with any chemicals or dyes which gives the sheets a natural ivory color.

Modern Dollhouse

modern dollhouse

A colorfully bright new concept for a dollhouse with a really cool skylight in the roof! The unique curved features used in this modern dollhouse are innovative in terms of design and production. This super-cool dollhouse has two open levels allowing for trouble-free access to the interior which comes with transparent paneling that can slide from side-to-side, and its own staircase which can be moved to any part of the house.

Raz-Berry Baby Teether

razberry teether

This a first – a hands-free teether! This pacifier/teether will sooth baby’s gums with its bumpy texture and it is made with non-toxic food grade silicone. It is safe, durable and extremely effective! Razbaby’s Razberry Teether is like a pacifier and teether in one! The pacifier shaped teether allows babies to be hands free and soothes baby’s gums while they play.